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Hello everyone,

SAP has released the SP19 for SAP GRC NF-e.

The main note is '2097632 - SAPK-90019INSLLNFE: Support Package 19 for SLL-NFE'.

Below you can check the main changes with it:

a) Legal Changes

  • NF-e: NT 2014.002: NF-e Distribution Web Service (NFeDistribuicaoDFe) - This will replace the Web Service NFeConsultaDest. This of course requires a new PI Configuration and the change can be activated with note 2109999
  • NF-e: NT 2013.005 v1.10 and v1.20

b) MDF-e Outbound Enhancements

  • Enhanced validation of MDF-e data from Feeder System
  • Archiving of MDF-e
  • Function (to be called from Feeder System) for ending the issuing process for a rejected MDF-e

c) NF-e Inbound Enhancements

  • Extended XML content for ERP
  • New BAdI to check Fiscal Checkpoint Events during the inbound processing
  • New BAdI to control the issuing of the Operation Confirmation Event during the Inbound Processing.

d) NF-e Outbound Enhancements

  • Manually end Batch Process also when status is 'wait'
  • New BAdI to automatically update the feeder system for some rejection codes
  • Send NF-e to both Business Partners in parallel

e) CT-e Inbound Enhancements

  • Allow overwriting of incorrect CT-e

f) Event Enhancements

  • Allow overwriting of incorrect events
  • Send Events to both Business Partners in parallel

Enhancements to existing Processes

a) When the new NF-e Distribution Web Service is activated (see point a above), the downloading of a missing XML during the 'Enter DANFE' Step is synchronous so this requires a new PI Configuration

b) For NF-e and also Events, the sending of the B2B messages to more than one partner is done 'in parallel'. More precisely if the sending to one partner fails, the process continues to send to the other partner.

Happy New Year!!