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Did you miss Sept16th webinar on SAP Gateway for Microsoft : Deep Dive on Microsoft Azure?  Then, it’s the right blog for you to get a quick summary of webinar. There were a lot of new topics discussed in this webinar.

Agenda :

First, I would like to congratulate the Product Management team of SAP Gateway for Microsoft for their great job in session :smile: .

The webinar started with an introduction of how SAP and Microsoft are working together around the four main topics such as Cloud, Business intelligence, Interoperability and Mobility. The product expert, holger.bruchelt explained about how SAP Gateway for Microsoft enables users to work with SAP backend data in a Microsoft environment. Next, he shared a great news about the recent product release: Service Pack:03 of SAP Gateway for Microsoft continuous improvement and leveraging office 365- Embra...! He explained what's new in the service pack03 (Microsoft Azure & Office 365 integration). Later, he presented about the office 365 development on developing contextual apps, robust office 365 APIs, tools and platform etc.

A demo on SAP Gateway for Microsoft - Office 365 integration was showcased in the session. Next, he clearly explained about what is happening behind thescene of this integration that illustrated about single sign on and supportability ensured by SAP Gateway for Microsoft integration with Microsoft Azure.  SAP Gateway for Microsoft Portal including 3 steps of provider systems, role management and monitoring was discussed.

Some of the other demos showcased in the session were:

Want to learn more? Click here and listen to the recorded session of the webinar. Enjoy!

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