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The word transformation is everywhere in the business world these days, and for good reason. We have taken transformation as a major theme for this year’s SuccessConnect event in Berlin to demonstrate great customer stories, best practices and our product visions to help you in your own digital transformation.

What does transformation really mean when it comes to talent acquisition?

Times change, as we all know, but user behavior is impacted by many facets such as device, location, age, globalization and channel. Each of these dictate how people want to communicate and engage with companies, be it for a simple purchase or a job. Adapting to this change can be difficult, especially with the need to be efficient while meeting company objectives.

In Recruiting, transformation comes in the form of divorcing the hiring process from the requisition and the application, while marrying the recruiter and candidate experiences together. By doing this, you can quickly dissect what is truly important in your recruiting process to get at the best experience, all while making your recruiters and sourcers extremely efficient. Recruiting skillsets are transforming, just as technology is changing. Improving the candidate experience through content and design, and engagement tactics to nurture candidates, are critical components to taking the next steps to meet your company’s strategy and goals.

Onboarding is also affected by transformation. Whereas tactical onboarding is already established in most companies these days, the strategic use of onboarding can maximize its success even more. Even for leading organizations, most onboarding activities rather focus on compliance and administrative automation only—e.g. getting that new hire paperwork taken care of and making sure all mandatory training is completed. We believe that a comprehensive approach is needed that ensures retention, engagement and productivity not only with hiring new employees, but with every other step of the employee lifecycle, from new hires entering the company to employees moving to new roles and even to employees moving on outside of the organization.

The move away from manual processes and even beyond simple automation of tasks to creating unified processes and leveraging data and insights to prompt smart decision making and actions, intelligence that drives personalized, relevant and engaging experiences, and much more cross-boarding activities as part of employee lifecycle management. Cross effects with the transformation in other HR areas like diversification, digitalization, usage of machine learning and mobile…just to name a few. There are many areas where transformation is impacting talent acquisition now and in the future.

Get to know some of our concrete and planned future product vision concepts to support your transformation in talent acquisition. Don’t miss these sessions:

SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding: Road Map and Direction – 20 June 16:15
Join us for this session with product managers for the SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding solution. These experts will share their vision for SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding in 2018 and beyond, and they’ll talk in detail about the future direction of the solution. Discussion topics will include the new features in the latest release and our privacy, accessibility and mobile functionality.

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting: Road Map and Direction – 20 June 09:45
Join us for this session with product managers for the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting solution. These experts will share their vision, and they’ll talk in detail about its direction for the future. We will discuss topics such as candidate relationship management, rules in recruiting and the job analyzer.

CRM: Demystifying the Buzz and Changing the Recruiting Conversation  – 20 June 10:15
Buzzwords abound in recruitment, and one of these is candidate relationship management (CRM). However, in this session we are going to cover what CRM really means and how it impacts your business. You will hear from customers on the impact of CRM and best practices and how to avoid pitfalls. Product management will share what is happening in the market and what we are doing to help you solve the challenges of building candidate relationships.

SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding in 2018 and Beyond – 19 June 11:30
Join our solution experts for a master class about the next-generation SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding solution. Discuss the leading practices of a premier onboarding experience that help ensure a new hire has the right first impression. Walk away from this discussion with actionable insights on how to prepare your organization for the next wave in the new hire experience. Master classes are deep-dive interactive sessions facilitated by SAP SuccessFactors subject matter experts.

Of course there are also great customer sessions to attend in the recruiting and onboarding track in Berlin. Our customers know best about business challenges and what can be achieved by using technology in an optimal way. So, we will not just talk about transformation in general and the way work will change, but we will also have customers sharing their best practices and experiences. Learn about what has improved by the using our solutions, what the business outcomes have been, and what’s next in their transformations.

Attract and Retain the Best People Through SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting – 19 June 11:30
Hear two international SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting customers – Schindler and Heraeus from different industries – discuss how they were able to attract and retain the best talent, the ways they achieved this goal, what their success factors were and the obstacles they had to cope with, as well as how the solution looks today. Also get an outlook on the possible next steps and planned projects.

Transformation Is a Journey – Innovation Becomes a Necessity as Part of That Journey – 19 June 15:45
Attend this panel discussion to gain insight into how some customers using the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting solution reflect on their transformation journey, identifying key milestones and addressing the challenges they had to overcome along the way. Special emphasis will be given to the innovative ways that these challenges have been surmounted, giving unique insight into each customer’s journey, from the problems faced to their resolution and beyond.

Social Onboarding with SAP Jam  – 19 June 13:45
The SAP Jam collaboration platform supports a community where new hires can engage with one another, work together on onboarding activities and receive assistance from experts in other departments, such as human resources, payroll, facilities and IT. Learn how two of our leading customers use SAP Jam and the SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding solution to help employees get productive and increase retention, and get new hires comfortable with their company’s strategy to ensure the ultimate social onboarding experience.

But wait – there is so much more. Roundtable sessions will give practical and valuable insight into topics that are top of mind for business leaders today. These solution adoption roundtables are small interactive sessions designed to enable collaboration and best-practice sharing on designated topics between current customers and SAP product experts. These sessions are facilitated by the Customer Adoption team and other subject matter experts on SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Sessions are 45 minutes in length, limited to 20 participants and is on a first come, first served basis. It is open to current customers only. Walk away from these discussions with actionable insights.

Onboarding Around the World
Join our solution experts for an open, roundtable discussion about localization functionality within the current onboarding solution and leading practices for a global onboarding approach.

Mass Recruiting: Leveraging Technology to Improve Recruiter Efficiency
Join this roundtable to discuss mass hiring and how to leverage the tools that are available today to ensure the automation of administrative activities so recruiters can focus on engagement and relationship management.

CRM: Upskilling the Recruiter Skill Set
Join our solution experts for an open, roundtable discussion about the addition of candidate relationship management (CRM) tools and the need to upskill the recruiter. Did you know that recruiters need to be marketers, data analysts, sales people and brand ambassadors? How are you upskilling your team to ensure you are attracting top talent while maintaining efficiency?

Come and join us in Berlin! Take the great opportunity to connect with experts and peers, gain new insights and get inspired for your HR transformation. We also welcome the opportunity to hear from you and answer your questions, and we look forward to learning about your strategies, challenges and stories. Check out the event agenda and session catalog for more information.

We are innovating SAP SuccessFactors solutions every day to help connect your people to your company purpose and transform your workforce experience for the future. Check out the resources HERE to learn more about why SAP SuccessFactors solutions are better for HR. And don’t forget to register for SuccessConnect Berlin HERE. Follow the social conversation using the hashtag, #SuccessConnect.