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Hello readers,

it's been a while since the last post in this blog. In the upcomming weeks, I'll try to "reanimate" this a bit. Today I'd like to provide an update on the progress with the new version of the SAP TM Enhancement Guide for TM 9.x as I receive quite some requests for the document via mail. Currently I'm reworking the chapter 5 on UI enhancements after having reworked the chapters 1 - 4 including a few new topics like e.g. the Change Controller (unfortunately I just had limited time in the last few month).

The current time schedule for releasing the new version is January 2014. But I'm also considering a release in advance of this with the content up to chapter 5 once its rework is completed.

In case you have questions arround enhancing SAP TM 9.x (and the older releases), please use the blog and post your questions here. Other partners, consultants and developers will surely benefit from following your questions too.

I'll keep you posted on any progress in the next weeks.

Best regards,