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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

For the most updated status of standards mode enablement please refer to PAM

With Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), based on the layout engine Trident 5.0, IE introduced a new IE9 layout engine mode with a new and incompatible IFRAME handling, which separates the IE8 compatible document modes from the IE9 and higher compatible document modes.

Internet Explorer 9 and higher can mix only HTML code in one web document, which is compatible for the IE9-engine modes or for the IE8-engine modes.

If you want to run SAP web applications in the same window (such as SAP Clients like Portal or NWBC for html), the applications should run in the same document mode family as the portal.

For specific installed based UI technologies and releases SAP offers also standards mode rendering, see table:

UI Technology

NW release

Standards Mode Notes and Comments

Web Dynpro ABAP

NW7.02  SP15 on, NW7.30 SP11 on, NW7.31 SP5 on, NW7.40


Web Dynpro Java

NW7.30 SP 9 on, NW7.31 SP1 on, NW7.40


SAP GUI for HTML (aka WebGUI)

NW 7.00, NW 7.01, NW 7.30, NW 7.31, NW 7.40


Enterprise Portal End Users - UFP

NW7.30 SP09 on, NW7.31 SP07 on, NW7.40 SP02 on


Enterprise Portal End Users - CFP

NW 7.00 SP27 on, NW 7.01 SP11 on, NW 7.02 SP11 on, NW 7.30 SP7 on, 7.31 SP5 on, NW 7.40

1737445 (headerless solution)

Enterprise Portal End Users - AFP

NW 7.02 SP11 on, NW 7.30 SP7 on, 7.31 SP5 on, NW 7.31 SP14 on, NW7.40 SP9 on

1737445 (headerless
2001910 (AFP Standards mode support)

Enterprise Portal End Users - FLP

NW 7.31 SP12 on, NW7.40 SP7 on

2031108 (SAP Fiori Integration with SAP Enterprise Portal - Central note)


NW 7.02 SPS7 - Entire WEBUIF701 release



NW 7.03 SPS0, NW 7.31 SPS0 - Entire WEBUIF731 release



NW 7.03 SPS0, NW 7.31 SPS0 - Entire WEBUIF746 release



NW 7.40 SPS0 - Entire WEBUIF747 release



NW 7.00, NW 7.01, NW 7.02, NW 7.03

Based on PAM: IE9 - all SPs, IE10 - SP02, IE11 - SP05


NW 7.40

VC Core Runtime – WDJ

NW 7.30 SP09 on, NW 7.31 SP01 on, NW 7.40

Based on WDJ enablement for Standards Mode

VC Core Runtime - SAPUI5

NW 7.31 SP11 on, NW 7.40

BSP (design2008)

No support

In Process


No support

SAP NetWeaver Business Client for HTML

NW 7.00, NW 7.01, NW 7.02, NW 7.11, NW 7.20, NW 7.30, NW 7.31, NW 7.40


BI (BEX Web)

No support

In Process

For more details or updates, see SAP notes:

1728946: Browser Support Strategy for NetWeaver

1672817: Internet Explorer SAP Support Policy - Central Note

1900896: IE Restrictions for Portal and NWBC content - IE Quirks and Standards Document Modes

Remark: Retesting is necessary if you switch from quirks to standards mode rendering.