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The countdown to the 2013 ASUG Conference is in the single digits. Is your agenda full or are you still contemplating which sessions to attend? Maybe you’re looking for the right mix of sessions? How about adding a little social flavor to your agenda? How about speed dating with the services and support community?

Yep, that’s right. You can speed date with the community, which is comprised of five SIGs (special interest groups) that each focus on the multiple facets of supporting your organization through the lifecycle of an SAP implementation.

  • Customer Competency Centers/Centers of Excellence - provides a forum for knowledge-sharing about the successes, challenges, and lessons learned among the SAP Customer Competency Centers/Centers of Excellence (CCC/CoE) in the Americas. Additionally, this SIG is for companies who are considering Certification for their Competency Centers. By serving as a forum for companies to obtain the benefits of Certification, our goal is to help to grow the population of CCCs and CoEs.

  • Documentation & Training - addresses issues related to design, development, delivery, and on-going support of end-user training and documentation. This SIG also covers issues related to leveraging and enhancing the learning strategies, capabilities, and design after the initial SAP software implementation.

  • Global Implementations - comprised of members from companies that have implemented or plan to implement SAP on a world-wide scale. This SIG addresses the special requirements of supporting global SAP systems installations and provides opportunities for education, networking, and influence for its members. Topics of focus include SAP "Best Practices" for managing global upgrades and implementations, optimizing global operations, and delivering global processes to your company.

  • Organizational Change Management  - focuses on issues related to the human element of a change initiative linked or integrated with pre, during, and post SAP installations. The SIG explores the business and users level of preparedness to accept, support, understand, and use the SAP solution effectively. Sessions within this SIG emphasize the sharing of change strategies, methods, tools, change management techniques, and lessons learned as they relate to the SAP development and deployment phases.

  • Program Management & Maintenance Strategies  - provides a comprehensive SAP life cycle management focus environment, ranging from applying a management framework to business initiatives to optimizing SAP maintenance. The goal of the ASUG Program Management & Maintenance Strategies SIG is to enable Project Managers at all levels and Managers of SAP Maintenance Responsibilities the opportunity to communicate and learn from one another.

The SIG chairs from each of these groups will be at this community lounge session so you can “speed date” with each. Register now and add this session to your agenda – session code CL02

If you tweet, follow me at the event @ginadest