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Hello Guys,

The SAP Note "1589975 - Technical Notes from SEFAZ - Overview note" has been updated today with new information regarding the delivery of a solution to meet the requirements of NT 003 2015 in GRC NFe.

The change has the following content:

  • For GRC NF-e delivery via SAP Notes is delayed because at the moment we are facing issues in sproxy and snote components. We are working on solving these issues but we recommend right now to plan the implementation of SP23 since the SAP Notes may not be delivered in time.

The main goal of the update is to inform customers that they should plan in their projects to implement SP23 instead of only implementing SAP Notes. The upgrade will probably be a requirement.


We have released a solution to apply NT 003.2015 via notes in GRC NFe. Please check the post below to see all the details:

NT 003.2015 – Solution Released on SAP NFe via note


Renan Correa