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Hello readers,

I've added some new sections in the Enhancement Guide that I plan to publish shortly.

Section 3.4.4 Status & Action Management

Altough mentioned in an earlier post that S&AM should not be used, I recently had a request from a large customer where it actually made sense to use it. I've described this customer enhancement use case in the new section 3.4.4. It actually shows how to let a Validation update a new status field on a standard BO node using a specific setup of a Consistency Group. Moreover, I've placed another example in this section that shows ha a Validation and a Consistency Group can be used to prevent a (BOPF) Save in case of existing errors in BO instance data. That was also a question / request from a customer implementation project that contacted me.

Section 3.4.5 Change Document Adapter Enhancements

In the meantime multiple customers/partners had raised the question how to enhance Change Document Objects so that they also track changes of data for Enhancement Nodes (i.e. customer/partner-owned DB Tables). I've again described this based on the example that was implemented at a customer.

Afterwards I will also add some comments on the extensibility of the Gant Chart that was introduced in the context of SAP TM Planning functionality with SAP TM 9.2. Along with this, I'll add some things arround enhancing the SAP TM Collaboration Portal which was also made available with SAP TM 9.2.

I paln to publish the two new (and almost finished) sections and give an update on the intended new sections soon.

If anybody would like to have the content of section 3.4.4 and 3.4.5 in advance (in their current state), please let me know and I'll publish it here as a smaller PDF in advance.

Best regards,


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