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What’s New:  A master value map for cloud incorporating value maps for SAP SuccessFactors, SAP S/4HANA Cloud Edition and SAP Jam Collaboration.

Stay on Top: Most of us know that the rules have changed and that companies now need to adopt digital technology innovation quickly to stay competitive. Value maps have been developed focusing on new digital technologies as well as common business/IT challenges and the best practices to solve them. Each objective-based learning map focuses on one topic, addressing multiple challenges therein and providing step-by-step execution guidance.

How: SAP Enterprise Support value maps are powered by the award-winning SAP Enterprise Support Academy. They represent a new phase in the evolution of support services and IT training, delivering a new learning and support experience via social media learning maps, with access to experts and offerings designed to help customers take advantage of social media technology (SAP Jam). 

Cost Neutral: Value maps are included in the SAP Enterprise Support maintenance contract – see here for program entitlement details. Sign up today!

Cloud Topics in Focus:

SAP SuccessFactors Value Map

Formerly known as the Cloud & Hybrid value map, the value map for SAP SuccessFactors is designed to support customers who are innovating with SAP SuccessFactors solutions through the entire project lifecycle from planning to go-live and continued operation and optimization. Register here

SAP Jam Collaboration Value Map

The value map for SAP Jam Collaboration provides functional and best-practice content to optimize the setup, run, integration & customization of SAP Jam. This value map supports and empowers SAP Jam customers to achieve maximum success in the utilization of SAP JAM technology within their companies, improving collaboration and revolutionizing how they communicate. Register here

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Edition

The currently available value map for the cloud edition of SAP S/4HANA gives a taste of what is already developed for this cutting edge topic. This value map will play a major role in the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council in 2016 where customers will work closely with SAP to further develop the portfolio of offerings. The aim of this value map is to support customers through the entire product lifecycle - from planning and implementation through to go-live and continued optimization. To access existing available content, register here

Front-runner customers interested in joining the 2016 SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council and shaping the future deliverables for the cloud edition of SAP S/4HANA are invited to reach out to SAP to learn more about the program. Additional information can also be found here

Sneak Peek:

SAP Cloud for Customer Value Map

In late 2016, we will pilot a value map for SAP Cloud for Customer which will be part of the new master value map for cloud . If you are interested in receiving further information about this pilot, please email