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When SAP CEO Bill McDermott sent a 20-something member of his staff on stage yesterday to introduce three young innovators, it signalled a fresh new millennial spirit at SAP. Today Bill is giving an interview to a teenage reporter from Generation Youth, an SAP Corporate Social Responsibility partner. His executive board colleague Rob Enslin is doing the same. One of my PR colleagues told me her spokespeople are stoked about giving interviews to youth correspondents at SAPPHIRE NOW. Watch out accredited newspeople!

Possibly the youngest attendee at SAPPHIRE NOW is 14-year-old Chris Nilson (above right), who together with other GENyouth reps like Noa Sreden (above middle) is attending as part of CSR program. Together with other high school students, they will be reporting on sports, healthcare and entrepreneurship.

Chris and Noa will be joined by two journalism students representing About Face, a Canadian NGO that provides support, education and inspiring or life-changing experiences for people with facial differences. The two will be covering trends in technology, breaththroughs in healthcare and how SAP technology is shaping patient care as part of a professional development program.

Finally, our University Alliances team is hosting a number of university students who are not only supporting the SAPPHIRE team as event volunteers but will also be populating the social media channels with their observations and insights.