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I am sharing my view on how the wearable devices/smart sensors could be leveraged through "Smart Sensored Human" approach for better use of technology and data. This is my personal view and would like to hear others view as well.


With ever-changing technology innovations, world is ready for the sophisticated and rich experience in the way they interact and connect with people and things anytime, anywhere. This is just a start and there is great potential ahead. The intent of this blog is to share some of the thoughts on how the latest technologies could potentially impact the human living,   its impact on areas like healthcare, insurance, socio-economic living etc., Also to highlight the enormous business opportunities to enable and support this.

In the Globalized world everyone is multi-tasking, the demarcation between personal  and professional life is vanishing and has become more or less inseparable. This impacts the people’s lifestyle. Highly competitive environment,  frequent travel, opportunity to experience different culture/environment, high disposable income, more time spent on Gadgets and social sites, wiliness to explore new things etc ., All these make the to undergo stress, have health issue, become health conscious. In this blog an attempt is made to explore how we can leverage the latest technologies to facilitate / ease the individual and at the same time the long term impact of this approach for the Global society.   The paper also mentions about some high level view on how SAP & SAP solution/technology can support this transformation and some of the potential challenges.

I would like to visualize the Human as “Smart Sensored Human”. What if normal human is been transformed to Smart Sensored Human? How can we do this, what does this mean to an individual and to the society. How this will impact and benefit an individual, businesses and different industries?.

With continuous innovation in semiconductor industry, Sensing and digital space there are variety of sensors and devices coming out in the market for monitoring and tracking various parameters. These sensors and devices are very compact, stylish, smart and wearable too. Till few decades before most of the time the sensors & devices were used by specific audience for specific purpose. At that time the sensors were not compact, supported limited functionality, kind of silo’s in nature, less in flexibility etc., But now the situation is changing at fast pace due to new technologies, awareness, globalization, media, competition and importantly people’s interest for new things. There are lot of sensors in the market to track individual’s activities, health related data etc.  These sensors are capable of providing one to many information based on the sensor type and the data that we are looking for. For example there are sensors/devices to monitor heartbeat, Sleep time, movement/activity, Bio impedance, skin temperature etc., There are also sensors to capture UV level, Light level, Humidity, Noise, Pollution etc.,

Sensors/devices like heartbeat monitor, sleep time, accelerometers are already in use by individuals with limited focus on data. Here I see greater possibility to take those to next level. I am visualizing the benefits of monitoring, collecting and analyzing wide variety of data through multiple sensors which could be potentially sliced and diced to get a meaningful interpretation and usage like complete health history, behavioral data, life style information etc.,. This information can be utilized by different businesses/professionals like doctors, insurance, retail, FMCG etc., to provide more effective service.

Below image shows the possibility of different sensors that can be carried by Human.

Please note, the image and the description shown on the image about sensors and type of data are indicative only. Type of sensors to collect these data may or may not be available.

While Human being carries out his/her day to day work, data can be collected from these sensors continuously and send it to cloud application like SAP HANA Cloud. With large amount of data continuously coming in, we can use this data for some of the potential use like

• Trend of Air Quality

• Exposure trend on UV and Radiation to individual

• Individual health parameters and history for future use

• Physical activities like walking, running etc.,

• Noise and pollution exposure •

Life style information etc.,

Once we start creating wealth of data on individual then this data can be utilized

• Primarily by the individual to have analysis/ analytical view about their wellness data, lifestyle, behavioral aspect etc .,

• His/her doctor for effective treatment and guidance.

• Service industries like Insurance to provide unique services based on the individual life style changes.

• By Government to study the socio economic changes at society level for effective formation of policies and schemes.

Other Application Areas:

The Smart sensored Human approach can also be used in different industries where they want to collect the data during particular operation/execution. For example if employee is doing the maintenance activity in a deep well then they can use this approach to collect the health condition of the employee and any other specific parameters like exposure to different gases etc., can be recorded in real time. Infrastructure & construction industry is another potential area where this approach can be used to ensure the safety of the workers.  Even in other industries like Oil & gas, Mining etc.,

I also would like to touch upon how SAP Solution and Platform can be leveraged in the coming sections..

SAP has wide solution portfolio in the cloud, HANA, Integration and Analytical space.  SAP HANA Cloud platform combined with IOT connectors & Cloud Analytics would be good architecture to visualize.

Below diagram shows the very high level solution architecture.

Please note, most of the images are from SAP Image Library/SAP Internal Portal.

Solution approach:

The solution consists of two areas, one is to collect the data continuously from different wearable sensors and push it to the SAP HANA Cloud.  SAP could come up with configurable connectors for various industry standard sensors/devices for collecting data.  These connectors can collect the data from the sensors continuously and push in to SAP HANA Cloud.

The second one is to provide the various analytics/predictive analytics to different set of audience based on subscriptions. SAP can build some Cloud Analytics standard content for sensor data so that raw data can be interpreted with business value.

The data security and privacy is very important for each individual and the solution needs to ensure that it is taken care. Solution could provide the option to the individual to share his/her data to others when required. For eg. If the individual want to share his / her last 3 month data to his / her family doctor for proper treatment then the solution shall have the option to do so. Similarly the solution could provide a set of pre developed analytical template to view the individual data and also provide the option to build some custom reports.


It will be challenging to achieve completely integrated smart sensored solution as it depends on close co-ordination between Sensor manufacturers, the technology used in sensors to communicate to other system/application, telecom companies, hosting companies, solution providers etc.

• One of the important challenges will be on the data communication protocol supported by different Sensor/device manufacturers. It is important for the manufacturers and solution providers to follow standard communication protocol like MQTT or any other industry standard light weight protocol considering the volume of data communication, frequency etc.,

• Data privacy and security will be the very crucial factor for the individual who will be authorizing the service provider to maintain his data. Service providers need to come up with multiple level of security and at the same time should consider flexibility in the offering.

• Another important challenge would be on coming up with different business model(s) on how the individual’s data can be leveraged by different service providers like doctors, insurance etc. so that it suits both the individual as well as service providers.

Possible Business Model:

Though we can think of subscription model for collecting, monitoring and storing data as well as for analytics, there is a strong possibility for multiple business models based on the kind of services and target audience. This will get evolved over a period of time.

Thank You..

Mahalingam Sornanathan (MAHA)

SAP Consulting - SDC.