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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP partners, who are interested in building their know-how and abilities to acquire new customers using modern marketing techniques, are turning to a guided service that teaches them how to fish for customers regardless of the partner’s marketing skill level.

The Net New Names Explorers Journey is a guided service that is available to sales and marketing teams at SAP partner companies who want to make a positive difference in the outcome of their demand generation efforts. This is  a topic that I have previously written on because it provides partners with a valuable service experience that pays off. You can find more information on the service here.

Partners are turning to this new service to learn modern marketing techniques and methods using the partner’s own marketing plan or aspirations to create and execute an actionable demand generation plan over a six-month period with guidance from a dedicated trusted advisor who is assigned to the partner organization.

The guided service is provided through a third-party marketing services agency that specializes in helping partners in the IT industry with demand generation and marketing services and education. I recently had the chance to speak with the leadership team there for some of their insights to help partners who may be considering the Net New Name’s Explorers Journey guided service, decide in making the smart investment to order the service.

The agency’s team pointed out three key attributes that will help partners on the  success journey with the Net New Names Explorers Journey service. Once an SAP partner orders the service via SAP Partner Benefits Catalog, a partner company is on the road to learning and putting into play best practices along with paid and unpaid programs as dictated by the partner’s demand generation plan.

To get the most out of your six-month experience, here are the top three qualities that partners need to embrace to succeed with the guided service’s trusted advisor’s recommendations for using specific strategies and  tactics.

#1 - Commitment
Partners must have a certain level of commitment to make the most of their experience and their investment in the Net New Names Explorers Journey, says Snezhi Todorova at Nytro Marketing, the agency that provides partners with the marketing concierge services.

“The partner will need an individual from their side who will be the lead for their involvement in this program and who will be responsible and committed to drive it to a success,” Todorova says, adding that the individual from the partner company ideally should be the marketing or sales lead, who is responsible for driving the acquisition of new customers for the company.

In short, commitment is a key ingredient for helping to ensure success during the six-month program.

# 2 – Consistency

Consistency is another important attribute that partners need in order to see wins in their efforts. Todorova explains that to realize success during the program, the partner needs to have “consistent” approach in their marketing efforts or marketing program throughout the six-month period of the partner’s involvement. “Its not about doing a one-off activity or initiative that will bring the results that they expect, sure it can bring some short-term results, but for them to be successful in the long term they need to be consistent,” she says.

Partners think that if they run a campaign for three or four weeks that It will deliver the leads for them for the whole year, and Todorova says It doesn't work that way. “It usually takes a lot of effort. It takes time until you build the marketing engine that will consistently drive inbound leads and opportunities and netting new name deals,” she adds.

Working with their assigned marketing concierge, a trusted advisor from the marketing agency, partners will learn to use different methods and approaches of acquiring net new customers from first contact to nurturing prospects using different tools and technologies.

#3- Stay Open to New Ideas

Staying open to new ideas is critical for a partner’s demand generation success using the Net New Name Explorers Journey guided service. This is a key area that will help partners move from their comfort zones to using tools and technologies that can help. “The more a partner is open to idea and recommendations, the more success they will have because they are expanding their tool kit of knowledge,’ says Todorova.

She says the partner’s trusted advisor may suggest different tools or approaches that can make a big difference because the partner learns how to use the tool or the approach and put it into play in their demand generation efforts.

Smart Marketing Bottom Line

So, being committed, being consistent and staying open to new ideas are three key points and a mindset approach that partners can embrace to win big with the Net New Names Explorers Journey service -  a smart investment for helping to grow a partner business.