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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In my previous article Common Problems and Solution for SAP Smart Business in Suite on HANA, I explained what is Smart Business and what are common installation problems.

In this article, I will talk talk about

  • What are the roles (HANA roles and ABAP roles) required for Smart Business Apps?
  • How to troubleshoot if Smart Business Tiles are not visible even after assigning the roles?

Problem Scenario:

Assume I am working on Implementing “Open Purchase Orders” KPI in Smart Business.

I have deployed the component mentioned in Fiori Apps Library.

I have also assigned all the roles mentioned in configuration section

But still the Open Purchase Order tile is not visible in Fiori Launchpad.

There might be multiple reasons behind this. But most common issue is related with role assignment and Manage KPI Authorization. Let us see them one by one.

Note: Here I have taken an example of "Open Purchase Orders". If you are working on any other KPI, the process and troubleshooting will be similar only.

Smart Business Roles

Before going further, let us see the important roles are for Smart Business Apps.

Roles required for Smart Business Modeler Apps




If both the above mentioned roles are assigned to user, he will be able to see and work on Modeler apps.

Roles required for Smart Business Runtime Apps




Note: Even if the user has Smart Business runtime roles, it is possible that runtime tiles does not appear in FLP.

You must assign Analytic Privileges on KPI to user, using Smart Business Manage KPI Authorization tool. We will see this in detail in next section.

Application Specific Role:

Smart Business tiles fetch the KPI data from OData provided by the application. In this case, to fetch Purchase Order KPI value, following OData is called.


The role required to access this OData is mentioned in the help document (or fiori apps library) and must be assigned to user.

  In this case, role sap.hba.r.ecc.roles::PurchaseOrderOpenGoodsReceipt must be assigned to user.

If this role is not assigned, the KPI tile will always show 3 dots (busy indicator). If you go to console, you can see authorization error (403) for that OData call.

Important Note:

In case even after assigning the role, the OData call gives 403 error (or any other error), raise an incident to application component. For faster processing, please mention the OData url along with screen-shot of error.

You can find out component name in Fiori Apps Library

Smart Business Manage KPI Authorization App

Manage KPI Authorization app allows you to set authorizations for active evaluations. Without these authorizations, users or roles cannot see the evaluation (or any active tiles or drill-down configurations associated with the evaluation) in the runtime environment.

If you go to App Implementation page of any App, for example App Implementation: Open Purchase Orders

Following steps are mentioned.

Let me show you how to assign Analytic Privilege using Manage KPI Authorization App.

Go to Fiori launch pad and click on Manage KPI Authorization App.

Search for the KPI and click on “Authorize Users and Roles”.

If you want to assign the KPI Tiles to a user, select the user and click on save.

In case there are many users and you do not want to assign each user separately, assign the Evaluation to a role, and later on assign the role to all user who need access to those tiles.

Tiles not visible even after assigning all roles and analytic privileges?

There might be a scenario that you are still not able to see the tiles in Fiori launchpad after following all the above mentioned steps.

This might be because of HANA DU activation issue. Refer to the article Smart Business KPI Tiles are not coming in Fiori Launchpad - Troubleshooting steps (Part 2)

Hope this article was helpful for you. If you still face any issue in Smart Business installation or configuration, you may raise an incident in component CA_GTF_SB_SOH

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