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Two weeks ago, I was privileged to participate in BRIXOFEST. BRIXO is a startup specializing in innovative learning using Lego bricks with special features, such as connectors, sensors, small engines, and special wheels.

Besides being loads of fun, the BRIXOFEST event's purpose was very worthwhile: to create game-based educational content in the fields of science and engineering, to be used free of charge,  and promote STEM education.

BRIXOFEST brought together educators, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and of course - schoolchildren, who co-created content that could be used in and out of the classroom.

We began with an informal gathering and mingling. We then divided into diverse groups of three, with my team comprising of 2 grownups and a 14-year-old.


Each team visited and experienced several stations, each of which demonstrated features of the BRIXO bricks. Our teams then worked to create content, drawing inspiration from an "ideas" card deck and the helpful BRIXOFEST staff.

My team came up with a Monopoly-like game, aimed at educating about different types of energy - utilizing a path of regular Lego bricks with a few "stations" along the way demonstrating each energy type (e.g. magnetic and electric).


After a team was ready with its product, they created a short video describing it. They could then repeat this process as many times as they wanted, throughout the day. The videos were uploaded to YouTube as a service to the community; teachers and educators can now draw ideas for fun activities while teaching STEM content.


Major kudos to the event organizers, who provided a fun and engaging atmosphere throughout the event. For instance, at lunchtime the staff surprised us with a short Zumba session!

I look forward to participating in future BRIXO events, and highly recommend getting acquainted and involved!