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Go Gemba with Christoph in the “Top Hat”

(Student Activity Hub & Connection Discovery)


Gemba – The term used by Japanese detectives to describe their crime scenes, in other terms it means "the real place." At SAP it refers to the place where value is created. We at Public Services had our very first go-gemba with, Christoph Behrendt,  Head of P&I ICD (Industry Cloud & Custom Development) on 13th March where he had visited the Student Activity Hub, scrum team area.

The go gemba was an informal event to interact with Christoph and network with him and his team. We planned to show two demos, of the products being built at Public services – Student activity hub(SAH) and Connection discovery(ConnDis). Christoph came to our bay area at 11:30 am, and after a brief introduction, we started with a demo of Student activity hub by asking him to wear the graduation hat first, which he did very sportingly and even posed for a couple of pictures.

Both our demos went smoothly, Christoph commented that the student activity hub had a very good use case around it, while the connection discovery looked very cool and he even gave suggestions on how the solution can be adapted to various use cases. He liked what he saw and iterated on how we must keep innovating to stay ahead of competition. He informed us about the award won by SportsOne team for their UI and told how the improvements in UI is helping customers adapt to our products and solutions helping them to bring a new factor for all our apps through Fiori.

For Student activity hub, he appreciated on our collaboration with our customers right from the very beginning of the development and praised us for being on the right track for taking the customer along with lifecycle of the product. We pitched in too, on our collaboration with teams in SAP, such as the job scheduler that helped us deliver a feature which the customer had asked for. Christoph congratulated us and emphasized the collaboration will lead to a successful product.

After the demos and his feedback, it was interaction time, where anybody was free to ask him questions, we asked about the cloud strategy and what is coming at or for us with regards to integration of services in our cloud. He gave us very clear cut answers to all our questions and briefed us on how he was leading the integration of services in the cloud to make sure that we have lead over our competitors with ERP in the cloud, then elaborated on the challenges being faced by them and how they are currently overcoming the challenges. After which he iterated that our on-prem solutions do not take a back seat as they have a huge install base and generates huge revenue.

Over all it was an amazing interactive session to get up close with Christoph and his team, he wished us luck and thanked us for hosting him at our bay and bid farewell to Public services.