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Developer Advocate

When it comes to History of SAP Inside Tracks I often go back to 2013, when decided to organized the SIT in Poland for the first time. Three (digit: 3) persons signed up that time: me, my manager and some random (as I thought at that time) dude.

Fast forward to 2016 and you can understand my joy when this year SAP Inside Track in Wrocław invited 52 people: not just local, but as well from other cities in Poland, plus Germany, plus Latvia. From customers to partners, from students to SAP employees. And not to forget those, who joined for the first time just to learn what SAP is. We missed SAP Mentors this time, but at least we had three SAP Mentors alumni. Wrocław really stood to its slogan of being the Meeting Place.

What can possibly make a group of people to spend lovely sunny weekend day in the office? Knowledge and expertise shared by great experts!

At SIT proposed sessions were nicely grouped into four blocks: SAP Community, Development, Applications, and Industry 4.0. I'd like to thank everyone who presented that day, be this a full session, a lightning talk, or a spontaneous speech: craig.cmehil, oliver, sebastian.wolf, karol.kalisz, lukasz.pegiel, radoslaw.gref88, hubert.falkowski2, radoslaw.kotowicz, slawomir.bielecki, waldemarfali%C5%84ski, ryszard.kasprzyk, kamil.jellonek2 and michal.korzen. Most of their presentations are available to view/download at SAP Inside Track Wroclaw 2016 - SAP Inside Track - SCN Wiki

It is already a tradition to host a SAP CodeJam the day before. And so we had too: on Node.JS development with SAP HANA XSA.

Unfortunately we took the obligatory "family photo" somewhat late, when some people already had left after the event. More pictures can be found at Wrocław SAP Meetup webpage:

Special thanks to the event's sponsors: Hicron and especially Natalia for hosting SIT, jonathan.kent of insiderBOOKS for giving e-books as prizes, and SAP Community and SAP Developer Relations organizations for paying for food and drinks!


While looking forward to the next SAP Inside Track coming to Wrocław hopefully next year, there is no time to waste since then:

So long for now! See you here or there! Do zobaczenia.

-Vitaliy aka @Sygyzmundovych