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Many African companies face the same challenges when it
comes to achieving gains in efficiency. Workforce planning has been proven to
be one of the areas that gets neglected – not only within HR departments – but
within companies as a whole.

SAP’s workforce
planning and analytics
software can help
you hire, retain, and develop the best talent. This solution also allows you to
assign the best people to the right project based on their skills and
availability, monitor progress, and analyse results for better decision making.

Plan for future skills requirements

African businesses are renowned for
quick expansion and cross-border projects, which is why workforce planning is
so vital. Besides being able to assign the best people to the right tasks,
SAP’s workforce planning also gives your insight into your workforce and future
requirements. Any African recruitment agency or HR professional will tell you
that it will take at least three months to recruit and on-board a new, skilled
employee into the right position, so this is the tool you need to plan ahead
and make this process simpler and more efficient.

impactful decisions with data

Our workforce analytics is easy to use and provides the insights and tools you need to take
action. With over 30 years of expertise in HR metrics, our workforce planning
solution sets the standard for workforce metrics and benchmarks. The analytics
that we offer gives you the HR analytics, planning and metrics you need to drive
impactful decisions with solid business evidence.

find out more about our workforce planning and analytics solutions, contact us

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