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Take a moment and think about how difficult it used to be to plan a road trip. You needed a map, a highlighter to mark the route, and manually calculate how long it will take to get to your destination. Not to mention the unknowns of running into traffic or construction. In the end, simply trying to get to your destination can turn into a huge headache.

Now take a moment on how you organize a road trip now. You would simply say, there's an app for that! Any map app you may use, you know the time you will arrive, multiple routes you can take, and where there is traffic and construction. Of course you want to get there the quickest way, by avoiding traffic, construction, and having clear directions. Map apps offer even features! They provide a heads up when a faster route appears, if traffic or construction will become an issue, and list gas stations as well as rest stops along the way. Taking a road trip now is the furthest thing from a headache.

In a recent discussion between SAP's Richard Strattner and Michael Krigsman, industry analyst and host of CxO Talk, they review just how enterprise services is a map app for today's road trip. Enterprise services can be as easy as planning a road trip, manually mapping out your road trip is a thing of the past. Richard and Michael discuss how choosing a service provider can be successful in reducing complexity to run simple, like planning a road trip is today.

In order to have simplicity during the drive to choosing an enterprise service provider you need 3 things:

  1. Service provider meets the customer's  expectations
  2. Service provider communicates when there are possible bumps in the road
  3. Service provider provides a great business partner, who understands the technology

With SAP Service and Support, making enterprise services is as easy as planning a road trip today! The road trip to simplicity is having a service provider who understands your business and implementation goals. The service provider communicates about any set backs and provides you with a new end date of the project. Finally, the service provider has a great business partner who knows the technology inside and out. Like an app makes it simple for a road trip today, SAP Service and Support makes enterprises service run simply, today.You want your customer to look back and know they made the right choice for a service provider.

Watch the discussion with SAP's Richard Strattner and Michael Krigsman below and see how the run to simplicity is achieved:

For more info on how SAP Service & Support can help you run simple, click Here



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