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One of the things I enjoy about being a member of SDN is getting a unique view of the SAP world. For example, I'd like to see things here that are not generally available to those "outside the circle".

In the past weeks some blogs have been posted here that are sometimes complete copies of aother blog postings and other times are external content with a few extra paragraphs.

Ok, the SDN blogger has done the "right" thing and included a URL to the external site, but wouldn't it be fairer to make SDN the original and have a pointer from the non-SDN site?

Sometimes I feel I am being conned into following a link to an external organisation's web site, only to see exactly the same thing as I just read in SDN.

I appreciate that SDN bloggers want to get feedback from the SDN community, which they won't get by hoping people stumble/Google to their non-SDN site, However, I still feel a bit cheated..

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