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Are you familiar with the SAP Road Map Explorer, and keen on sharing your feedback with us? You are invited to participate in the remote usability testing at the DSAGlive 2021 between September 28 and 30 to shape the future of the SAP Road Map Explorer!


The SAP Road Map Explorer is the single source of truth for all SAP road maps and provides you the current and planned innovations for the SAP’s products and solutions. (See our tag on SAP Community to browse more content on the topic) With the launch of the new Business View in June 2021, the SAP Road Map Explorer has widened its audience by picturing the holistic view of all SAP road maps. Usage statistics of the tool prove our point: as of September 9, the external users exceeded 110.000. With this latest enhancement to the tool, now users can explore the strategic direction of the various products and inform themselves of the road map priorities.


What’s next?


During the DSAGlive we would like to gain your insights on the extended smart filter bar, the view of innovations with multi-product assignments i.e. functionalities around integration topics. 


We invite you to register now for one of the slots available and share your feedback with us. ​ 


Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via or leave a comment below.