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Dear All,

I am writing with regarding Service Contract in DBM Service Order. This function is raised by DBM 8.0 release and the Customizing path is:

/DBM/SPRO --> Service --> Service Contract.

I would like to explain standard DBM behavior when an expired service contract is copied to DBM service order.

If user copies contract service to DBM order within DBM Wizzard the system creates a new job automatically vie event JOB_NEW and in this event there is a validity check of the contract. If the service contract is invalid the system gives a warning message, but user can continue processing the order. If customer requires different business process logic, the warning message can be replaced by an error. Use message substitution in DBM customizing:

/DBM/SPRO --> Basic Function --> Define Schema for Message Substitution,

that in schema definition choose an error message type instead of warning message for input message class /DBM/CONTRACT34 .

Hope the explanation is clear and useful.

Kind Regards,


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