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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Company Name: SEMOS SOFTWARE LLC, doing business as Semos Cloud
HR Tech, specifically Company Culture Intelligence/Employee Experience Solutions.
Products and Services
: JobPts – Culture and Recognition, Nurture – Employee Communications, Wellbeing & Sustainability, and Skills & Growth Platform.

We are thrilled to share that our Culture Intelligence solutions, JobPts and Nurture, have received SAP certification for their integration with the SAP Business Technology Platform. The seamless interoperability of JobPts and Nurture with SAP SuccessFactors remains a valuable asset for both our present and prospective customers. We extend our gratitude to the SAP Integration and Certification Center team for their invaluable support throughout the smooth certification process.” -said  Saso Ivanovski, Chief Technology Officer at Semos Cloud.

1) Thank you very much for accepting our request to discuss about your journey and experience with SAP ICC, can you tell us about your company SEMOS SOFTWARE LLC and its key services?

Hey there! We, at Semos Cloud, provide cutting-edge Culture Intelligence solutions. Our suite of solutions includes JobPts for Recognition & Rewards and Nurture for Employee Communications, tailored for large enterprises with global operations.

Our mission? Empower organizations to achieve remarkable results by unlocking the power of their culture. We work across different industries, from Manufacturing. High Tech, Oil, Gas, and Energy to Life Sciences. Many of our clients in these sectors are either currently utilizing or in the process of implementing SAP SuccessFactors as their HCM system. Our track record boasts over 35 successful enterprise deployments with Global Fortune 500 companies. Some notable case studies within our portfolio feature esteemed organizations such as BIG Coca-Cola AP, Japan Tobacco International, OMV, Chevron Philips, Marelli, MAPFRE, and numerous others.

Challenges they are trying to solve with our solutions:

With JobPts: Culture & Recognition

  • Driving cultural transformation with recognition

  • Aligning the company culture with recognition across different markets

  • Consolidating loyalty with custom-branded service rewards and celebration programs

Nurture - Employee Communications: Communication, Trust, and Guidance 

  • Navigating change management with streamlined internal communication

  • Aligning the organization with the business direction and goals by providing one source of truth on all top-down communication

  • Instant communication with all employees regardless of their location (deskless, remote, on-the-go)

  • Introduce pay transparency and remove the compensation gap with hyper personalized total rewards statements and portal

  • Empower collaboration and growth across the organization with the use of feedback programs.

Wellbeing & Sustainability: Employee Wellbeing

  • Providing a holistic and personalized approach to company wellbeing initiatives

  • Building belonging and connection by developing initiatives that connect with employees' values.

  • Nurturing healthy and happy employees and reducing healthcare and turnover costs

Skills & Growth: Skills Intelligence 

  • Understanding and validating the skills people have in their organization.

  • Empowering employee growth and reducing turnover by providing more career transparency.

  • Preparing employees for future market needs and company direction with new upskilling and reskilling strategies.

2) When and how did SEMOS SOFTWARE LLC begin their journey with SAP?

In 2013, we were accepted as part of Cloud Development Accelerator program by SAP.  For a decade now, we have been delivering solutions and integrations on public cloud platforms with technical and business support from our partner SAP.

Our solutions are proudly built on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and certified. Fun fact – we even won the SAP Pinnacle Award in 2018! As a SAP partner, Semos Cloud certified solutions are available on the SAP Store.

3) How long has been your association with SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) and if you can share your experience?

We’ve had the privilege of being associated with the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC), part of Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services team since 2017. Over the years, our collaboration with SAP ICC has proven to be a valuable partnership, characterized by a consistently positive trajectory. The extensive knowledge and resources offered by SAP ICC have been instrumental in our journey, enabling us to elevate our product offerings and deliver even more value to our clients.

One of the standout aspects of our association has been the straightforward certification process. SAP ICC's well-structured framework and guidance have made the entire certification process very efficient. The support and expertise provided by SAP ICC's team have been invaluable, ensuring a seamless journey toward certification. The streamlined certification process and the lack of significant concerns have solidified our belief in the value that SAP ICC brings to our product development and certification journey. We look forward to continuing and deepening this collaboration, with the aim of further enhancing the quality and value of our solutions.

4) Kindly provide few points about the challenges/opportunities that you faced before approaching SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC)?

Thanks to SAP ICC and seamless certification process we continue to drive value for our customers and continue to build trust. As we sought to expand our reach and deliver a seamless employee experience suite, customers were understandably keen on robust integrations and certifications. SAP ICC presented an ideal opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to quality and compatibility with SAP solutions.

With our Culture Intelligence suite being built on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and natively integrated with SAP SuccessFactors, this presented a significant advantage in terms of offering a more comprehensive and agile suite of solutions that cover employee master data, organization data, enable event-based automation and pushing data back to the system with the highest security and privacy standards provided for our customers.

Being officially certified reinforces our commitment to quality and excellence.

5) Can you tell us a little bit more about your certified product “Nurture - Employee Communications 3.0” & “JobPts - Culture & Recognition 7.0”?

JobPts is all about elevating company-wide recognition effortlessly. It's versatile, supports 47+ languages, and integrates seamlessly with SAP SuccessFactors. Think global accessibility, real-time recognition impacts, and a Culture Intelligence Dashboard for insightful analytics.

Now, Nurture is our rockstar for enterprise communications. Hyper-personalized, measurable, and oh-so-easy to customize. It streamlines cross-team work, integrates seamlessly with SAP SuccessFactors, and ensures real-time access to relevant info for all employees. It's like the internal communication superhero.

6) What next for your certified solution “Nurture - Employee Communications 3.0” & “JobPts - Culture & Recognition 7”?

We're on a mission! With a strong belief in the transformative potential of AI technology to enrich the experiences of employees, managers, and HR professionals, our primary objective in the near future is to further advance our suite of solutions into a comprehensive Culture Intelligence platform. To realize this vision, we are thrilled to introduce innovative deep AI co-pilot functionalities throughout our products that will redefine how organizations address different elements of their culture: recognition, communications, feedback, wellbeing, skills, and growth.