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I've been quite blown away. I've posted my summaries along with lots of others on the event and I'm still blown away. I think we did it, I think we made this 3X SDN Meets Labs than Palo Alto. Many might say that Palo Alto beat us out because they had webcasting and that everyone will be able to see the SDN sessions here on SDN but still the event was amazing.

What has been even more amazing is the activity here in the weblogs related directly to the event.

If this, I mean look at that list, doesn't show everyone that SDN is doing the right thing by bringing us together with the SAP Labs then I don't know what will.

So inside of all of these weblogs, and I'm sure there will be several more after I publish this, that I'll have to come back and update this list. So what's inside these? Well take a look yourself these contain the thoughts, feelings and ideas of that attended.

Personally I would like to say Thank you to those who helped organize and make sure everything went over well. I would also like to draw more attention to two individuals.

I think these two are ones to set into your "User Watch List" and made add to your SDN Business Card favorties.

I'd also like to point out a rather humorous event that took place during the conference.

It just so happened that I managed to jump up ahead of thomas.jung3/blog the morning the conference started. I had finally received my points for the conference presentation as well as for my last few weblogs in my current series. Now many people came to me and told me how cool that was that I beat Thomas out and "way to go", I didn't think much of it because Thomas had been busy with the Palo Alto conference and also with ASUG 2005 Spring Conference Sessions and I just figured he hadn't had a time to get on much lately. Thomas and I have consistenly been about 200 to 300 points apart every since last October for TechEd '04 and I've never really giving it much more thought. I love to read his weblogs and I count him as a valuable resource here on SDN. So basically what I am saying is that, well yes a personal goal of mine was to reach the number slot, there is NO war between Thomas and I about being number 1. If there was one I'm sure I woould have been told .

It was quite amazing though to hear from people at the conference about it, several told me it's not possible for me to beat Thomas out and others told me I had to hurry because Thomas was problably writing up a bunch of weblogs right now to retake the lead. I took it all in stride and I'm sure if Thomas was there he would have as well. We both talked a bit during the Palo Alto via IRC and we both discussed that perhaps in the future we should take our vacations at the same time, he had heard from a few people that it was frustrating when they type the answer to a question, do a rfresh before posting and find that he had already posted the answer. I was told basically the same thing as well during the Walldorf conference. So from my point of view and I believe from his as well, our goal is not the points but rather to provide help to others and get help ourselves and we enjoy being part of the community and we count ourselves lucky that we are able to contribute meaningful and helpful information and even luckier because we able to read the contributions of everyone else