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The following are my impressions and thoughts from SDN Meets Labs Walldorf Conference:



Wow! I was speachless (that doesn't happen often). I don't have anything to say because I wasn't able to attend. I guess I am little disappointed because I got up at 2:00am, local time, yesterday and logged on hoping to see some last minute information about a webcast. But unfortunetely nothing came.

There have been some nice weblogs that give those you didn't attend just a little taste of what was seen. However all this really did is make the rest of us hungry for more. I thought about logging onto the chat room that was setup for the SDN Meets Labs Palo Alto Event, but even if anyone was logged on; I wouldn't have a context to discuss what was going on.

I certainly do hope that many of the sessions were video taped and will be available online shortly. At the very least I would expect to see the session slides on SDN. But after being at Palo Alto and seeing people participate via chat and webcast, I had really hoped to do the same for the Walldorf event.

It appears that I am not the only person who is really excited about the thought of an updated ABAP editor. That alone makes me jealous of the Walldorf attendees. I wonder how and when the rest of the SDN world might get a sneak peak at such a thing?

I know that nothing can ever replace meeting face to face at an event like this. However I hope that the kind of on-line participation that was available at the Palo Alto event might start a trend among SAP conferences (I hope the people from ASUG and Tech ED are listening as well). I think it sends an important message that the organizers of the event are willing to reach out to a wider audience; one that might not be able to travel to every event. Perhaps for such events there needs to be a nominal fee for such remote access. This could help cover the costs of the access and make it fair to those who paid to attend.

In the end I want to thank everyone who did take the time to most their notes right away. I know how difficult this can be after a long day at a conference. These notes and insights are very useful to those who didn't get to attend. In just a week and a half the big ASUG spring conference begins. Of course there will not be any webcasting of this event and you must be a ASUG attendee to view the slide presentations. I plan to blog about the experience on SDN to share with those who can't attend. I would encourage other SDN members in attendance to do the same.