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This was the day I was truly looking forward to, this was basically the SDN day, I mean most all the sessions were from the SDN track and I figured we'd end up with at least a few sessions taped and available on SDN later. Much to my dismay this was not the case, there was nothing taped today. Talk about depressing.

So this day started quite differently to yesterday and we ended up straight in the session. This of course turned into one of my favorite sessions. [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken], showed us all about turning the standard (or a copy of) search mask inside of the Enterprise Portal from SAP into a "Google like" search mask. We are just starting to play around with EP and so this was just a brilliant topic for us, because the search mask didn't work for us at all - I mean everyone wants a "google like" mask don't they? Hey SAP go talk to Dimitry!!! He showed us step by step with nice code samples (syntax highlighting intake) and took you through it piece by piece. He was nervous but because of the strong content and the way he did things that was easy to overlook.

I had a chance to speak with him after his session and it was a great chat, I do hope he does publish his stuff on here for everyone else to take a look. So please keep your eyes open for Dimitry Surkov, I have a feeling you'll like what he had to show us just as much as everyone I talked to about it. Another nice aspect of our chat was the fact that he is coming from a Java side like I was and he was noticing there at the conference the power and use of the BSP and ABAP side and was very keen to hear more about it. I told him here is the place to come, I think there's more collective knowledge about this on SDN than anywhere else. It's conversations like this that show me that I belong as well as each of you to a real community. If you read through the weblogs of my fellow webloggers about the conference I think you'll notice that we all share this feeling.

The next presentation I attended was from dirk.herzog/blog from SAP about "ABAP Development in BW". This of course was completely over my head and beyond me as it deals with areas I never even see inside of SAP. However, the presentation was a solid source of information with some great tips and tricks on dealing with large amounts of CO-PA data (I think that's what it was). I defintely recommend you check out what he had to say about it all, it was very informative even for someone like me who had no idea in the beginning what he was talking about. As a developer though I could appreciate the techie side in terms of the code enhancements! The room was quite full and people were scribbling away taking notes throughout the session. ( flickr photo) Even though he covered so much he still managed to finish right on time leaving just one more presentation slot. This of course left me in bit of problem. There were 3 presentations left for the SDN tracks all scheduled at the same time. All dealing with BSP and Web related topics. Perhaps next time you guys can mix it up a bit more. [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] was giving his about "Automated BSP Testing", ulli.hoffmann2/blog was giving his about "Logon HTTP Framework" oh and then there was mine as well. Scheduling seemed to be a bit of a problem with the sessions, Mark gave up his slot for me to still be able to give mine, thanks Mark!

Speaking of Mark giving up his place for me there turned out to be a discrepancy in the agenda, there was a hole of 30 minutes where Mark quickly jumped in and saved the day. He gave his "Feedback" session after all and it turned out pretty well there were ideas being tossed all around. Oh and Mark where's our sticky topic? You know the one from Fall of 2003?

This of course leaves me with just one more topic to talk about, my own. I think I'll save that one for a seperate weblog as I've of course got a bit more info to share on that one

Now if you were there and taking photos please sign up on flickr and tag your photos with "sdnmeetslabs" to share them with everyone, you can even sign up in the SAP Developer Network group. Oh and while you are in the mood to sign up click this link next, sign up, it's free and painless then tell us all about what you saw.