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We'll I wasn't the first to post about the meet in the form of a weblog, and I won't be the last but I wanted to get my comments out there as well. There was so much going on and those of you sitting abroad and wanting to see things on WebCast, well I guess you know by now that there was no Webcast. Rest assured though, 2 of the 3 presentation rooms were being video recorded the whole time in order to post the presentations as videos on SDN. 2 out of 3 does mean that you have missed out on a few presentations already but I'm pretty sure those you missed out on will be bloging about their own presentations and therefore you'll get the info.

So what were my impressions, this was my 3rd SAP conference in the last two years, the smallest of the 3 as well.

Does that not say it? The place was packed and filled with lots of info! From an organization point of view the whole WLAN/WiFi connection issue has left a sour taste in my mouth and I think should have been settled long before hand but in the end it was there and therefore I can't complain too much, at least not anymore!

The keynote was filled with info from Klaus Kreplin about Netweaver and who better than "Mr. Netweaver" to tell us all about and ivo.totev/blog gave us our first taste with a stunning display of the Visual Composer.

Now as the day progressed the atmosphere was alive and people were excited. At this point I got to the first session and found that the room was already filled, standing room only. So I went for the next room and the same. I should have learned from TechEd I think. So I checked out the expert lounges, OK, these really weren't lounges it was a couple of tables and some chairs. But they were very comfy!! The really nice surprise was of course each area of the event WLAN/WiFi was really really really truly there!! OK, laptop problems caused me to not be able to "really" connect though. Apparently some of our Network Policies loaded on the laptop caused me not to get a connection but the lounges worked out anyway because I had a chance to meet several SDNers and "potential" SDNers and I had several great and interesting chats with each of them!

So after chilling out in the lounges and wandering a bit I raced up to room W3 to catch eddy.declercq/blog presentation on "ABAP meets Web". I wasn't sure what to expect coming into the presentation, I had spoken with him and he had already told me how much content he had and I was thinking I'll go into sensory overload. So I tried to prepare myself and the multi-media extravaganza began! It was an amazing presentation and what they've accomplished there at there University was simple amazing, 14 minute turn around for a new registration with documents in the hand at the end. Quite impressive! I spoke to Eddy afterwards and I mentioned that what I missed from his presentation was more actual coding, perhaps he'll do a write-up and provide some of that later on 😉

We move from there into lunch and of course had the fancy dancy lunch prepared, sometimes I wish they just gave us pizza or here in Germany a Döner Kebap. I mean your brain has all these new thoughts and ideas flying around and who has time to sit and figure out what that is on your plate?

From this point on the next part of the conference we skipped over to the "Technical Session" and sat down in a packed room to hear all about "Web Dynpro ABAP". For a code generator, very impressive! OK, I should be a bit nicer the presentation was simply amazing and all around the room you could just sit and watch as the eyes got wider and wider. Even [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] and piers.harding/blog, the cynical pair, OK just kidding these two are one of the best reasons to go to these conferences, they know just who to talk to about what and usually ask some of the best questions which leave me sitting there thinking, "man you are still a SAP newbie!!" Wait where was I? Oh yeah, even the two of them seemed quite impressed with what we were seeing!! This is one piece of new technology that I can't wait to get my hands on and rumor has it that a new ABAP stack preview edition is coming out, rumor also has it that this won't be part of it but hey, rumors are fun that way. Oh and before anyone thinks I am speaking negatively about [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] and piers.harding/blog, especially the two of them, themselves, I am not I meant what I said about them being great reasons to be at the conferences in person!

The evening went on into the Demo Jam and ivo.totev/blog did a great job moderating the event. The demos, and I mean all of them were not only eye openers but left your mouth watering for more and more and more! So how do you convince your company to upgrade everything so you can use it when it comes?

The evening event afterwards left me feeling quite proud, and not because I walked around wearing my newly received 5K SDN Member shirt but because the two people I brought with me Nicole and Falko teamed up together with Gregor and Meinrad (see SDN Meets Labs Impressions / Session reports) to win the "Kicker" tournament that was being played.

For those of you who don't know what "Kicker" is, well it's table top soccer the one you play by spinning the rods with the little guys on it.

Each of the 4 of them received the very cool SAP USB 128MB MP3 player .

The evening went on for awhile, not as long as Monday night but for awhile and there were lots of discussions about SDN and thoughts, feelings and ideas. I was on my soap box quite a bit and if anyone felt a bit harrassed about me wanting you blog your thoughts and expierences I will say I am sorry, BUT I STILL WANT YOU TO BLOG IT!