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What is a “selfie”?
  • A selfie is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website. (source: Oxford Dictionaries)
Who can post a selfie?
  • SAP employees, partners, mentors, anyone who wants the world to know that they run SAP!
How to post a selfie:
  • Utilizing the Instagram app or sharing directly on Twitter. Individuals have the opportunity to participate by uploading a selfie of themselves, with a short caption including the hashtags #SAPRunsSAP #LifeatSAP (do not forget these!).
    • For example:

  • “ #SAPRunsSAP #LifeatSAP: This is me, Marissa, in action at my cube with my boys, One Direction! They keep me motivated :lol: "
  • “ Bjoern runs SAP: Speaking @SAPTechEd in Las Vegas wearing my cool #SAPRunsSAP shirt #LifeatSAP ” *

Via Instagram app (select Twitter)                                 Via Twitter app (select camera/gallery)

Via Twitter desktop site (select upload from PC)

Note: If using the Instagram app to upload your selfie,please use the hashtags in the beginning of the caption to be sure they are posted on Twitter when shared.

How to "win":
Selfies will be entered into the competition by including the #SAPRunsSAP and #LifeatSAP hashtags. MUST include both. All selfies can be seen by following the topics on Twitter. The top 3 selfie takers and their photos will be spotlighted and shared on all SAP Runs SAP and Life at SAP channels. Encourage your followers to join in and vote for your photo.
(Sample tweet: “ Check out my #SAPRunsSAP #LifeatSAP selfie competition entry on my page & “fave” it! @LifeatSAP”)
Please remember, this is a friendly competition for SAP spirit. Get creative, have fun, and let’s show the world who runs SAP!

*If you received a gold #SAPRunsSAP t-shirt at last week’s SAP TechEd event in Las Vegas, we’d love to see you wearing it in your selfie!
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