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This started out on Twitter as a rant about verbing nouns, but very quickly turned into verbing SAP transaction codes. I thought it would make a good item for the Coffee Corner on Friday afternoon, but it seems to have developed enough of a life of its own to be let loose early. Here's the initial twitter discussion:

  1. Of all the nouns you could verb, why did somebody have to do it to "Facebook"?

  2. @steverumsby interestingly, you never hear people use "SAP" like this Q: "Where is the paper invoice?" A: "Don't worry, I've SAPped it"

  3. @pixelbase If I ever hear somebody saying that, I can't promise they'll be able to do it a second time…:-)

  4. @steverumsby Q: "have you SAPped the sales opportunity yet?" A: "Apologies, but I was busy netweaving this morning's deliveries"

  5. @steverumsby I suggest a hash tag for this: #SAPspeak

  6. There is actually existing, real world #SAPspeak already: "I've MIGOed these deliveries. "

  7. @pixelbase @steverumsby It's not so bad for invoices - I MIROd that yesterday. But how do you pronouce ME23n?  #sapspeak

  8. @skeohan ME23N is an "Enjoy"(remember?) transaction. Therefore : "I enjoyed that Purchase Order for you, Sue". #SAPspeak

  9. @pixelbase @skeohan This could go on all day - FB50 - "I enjoyed that journal entry" - #SAPSpeak or accounting speak cc @steverumsby

  10. @pixelbase @skeohan I hope you have SMARTFORMed it as well. #SAPspeak

  11. @koehntopp Q is though, will #fiori have an impact on #SAPspeak ?  "I've fioried the invoice". "Cool, you're a star".

  12. @pixelbase @koehntopp "Just wait a minute while I Lumira that data."

  13. @skeohan @pixelbase I wonder if we could persuade anyone to take down their "Goods In" signs and replace them with "MIGO" signs? #SAPspeak

(Aside - has anyone figured out how to do a proper Storify embed on SCN. The above really isn't as pretty as the original.)

Have you seen anybody actually doing anything like this? What other #SAPSpeak can you come up with?

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