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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

As a start I like to thank you for the emails that I’ve received providing feedback to my blogs on SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference. Some of you asked for more detailed information, others provided helpful insights on additional support related sessions around SAPPHIRE NOW.

First things first, let me begin by promoting one interesting session that my colleague Luis Colmenares has made me aware of. There is one session on “SAP Operations Efficiency” (Session ID 1611) where you can learn how the SAP customer CEMEX has become more efficient by becoming an Advance Certified Customer Center of Expertise and by adopting the Run SAP Like a Factory methodology. Once again, there’s no better source than hearing directly from our clients how they leveraged SAP’s services to become a better business. So please join this presentation to receive first-hand info on lessons learned and best practices.

Now let’s focus on the microforum sessions that I briefly mentioned in my last blog. At the SAP Active Global Support Center (located at the Database & Technology Campus) we will run 15 sessions giving you the opportunity to listen and to also directly interact with our support experts. So what’s cooking? Let’s get down to the facts. Actually there will be 11 different microforum presentations but some of them are available at multiple dates:

  • 8900      Gaining Business Value with SAP Support Services: An Overview
  • 8933      Expert-to-Expert Learning with SAP Enterprise Support Academy
  • 8934      Remove the Barriers to Innovation with SAP ActiveEmbedded Services
  • 8935      ITIL-Compliant Service Management with SAP Solution Manager
  • 8936      Become a Best-Run Business with SAP Enterprise Support
  • 8937      Using SAP Enterprise Support to Protect and Enhance SAP Business Analytics
  • 8938      Peak Performance at Peak Hours: How Support Keeps a Retail Customer Online
  • 9114      Streamline SAP HANA Implementations with Application Lifecycle Management
  • 9021      Orchestrate Your Applications with SAP Solution Manager
  • 9022      Adding Value to SAP Solution Manager with New Management Dashboards
  • 9115      HP and Run SAP: Driving Value with Application Lifecycle Management

Wah-wah-wait a second!? Quite an extensive list and quite some heavy stuff? So what to pick? What would I recommend that you just really have to join? That’s a tough one. It’s like asking me what’s my favorite Michael Bolton song: I sort of like ‘em all. 😉

But if you really want me to choose just one session I would pick #8934 where our SVP Greg Pike focuses on SAP ActiveEmbedded, a new premium offering that helps you accelerate adoption of game-changing technologies. But I promise, I myself will also make sure to attend ALL the other microforum sessions!

In short: Attend at least one microforum session at the SAP Active Global Support Center – 45 minutes that are worth it!

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Benjamin Wilk is part of SAP’s global Maintenance Go-To-Market organization.

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