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I’m sure many of you are as excited as I am to attend the upcoming SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando from May 14-16, 2012.

You’re probably thrilled to inhale all the new hype topics that are out there on SAP’s five key market categories – applications, database & technology, analytics, mobile, cloud.

But what about service & support? This is the fundamental layer that ensures that the customers’ solutions run smoothly and efficiently. I admit, this might not sound too fancy in the first place. But without a well set-up and aligned support program and support organization, the whole critical business software would be at risk. Therefore I strongly recommend that you at least spend some time to see what’s new regarding SAP’s service & support portfolio. There are new support features available such as the recently announced SAP ActiveEmbedded support engagement or the SAP Rapid Prototyping services, a new premium engagement service.

But the greatest news is – this year there will be a dedicated support booth at SAPPHIRE NOW which is prominently located within the Database and Technology Campus. So first, check out the latest innovations, e.g. regarding SAP’s game-changing in-memory solution SAP HANA. After that, learn at the support booth what keeps all those solutions up and running. And it’s not only about keeping systems to run stable, it’s also about constant optimization and enhancement. Even better, offerings like SAP Enterprise Support also provide end-to-end support for the customer’s entire platform, including SAP and non-SAP solutions.

Still not interested? Too much fuss on a rather dry topic? Then I recommend that you not just talk to the SAP support experts but that you listen to our customers! They know best what’s working well. So please keep your eyes open for first-hand customer insights on SAP’s support plan. Check out for instance these two ASUG sessions on the value of SAP Enterprise Support: Session ID 4405 & 1514. There you will see how the Toronto District School Board leverages SAP Enterprise Support and SAP Solution Manager to improve operations and utilize value added services and you will learn why the Coleman Company considers SAP Enterprise Support to be a comprehensive part of its IT team.

The bottom line for today: Support matters – it matters NOW! See you at the SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference!

Benjamin Wilk is part of SAP’s global Maintenance Go-To-Market organization.

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