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Not a day goes by that I don’t hear the word “innovation” chimed here at SAP. I recently detailed my experience at the 50th annual IDC Directions event, where approximately 1,000 IDC clients and hundreds of IDC analysts and client team members explored the convergence of Big Data, analytics, cloud, and social technologies known as the 3rd Platform. I was fascinated to hear about the innovation accelerators driving this new era, including cognitive systems, deep learning, robotics, 3D printing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). As we prepare for SAPPHIRE NOW 2015, I wonder: What cool innovations will attendees find this year at SAPPHIRE NOW?

OK, I fully admit it: I am a geek – albeit one you can dress up and put in public. I was saddened by the recent passing of the great actor Leonard Nimoy, most famous for his portrayal of "Spock" in the 1960's TV show “Star Trek.” I watched him as a kid and then in decades of syndication and countless “Star Trek” movies and spin-offs. An amazing talent outside of this role, I loved Nimoy's syndicated TV show that came later in his career "In Search Of.” Episode after episode, he search for countless amazing, interesting, exotic, and bizarre things.

If Leonard Nimoy was attending SAPPHIRE NOW 2015, what might he look for in sessions, microforums, and demo sessions in his own search for innovations? And specifically for the SAP Services and Support business, what would help him learn more about the "how" and best practices for adopting these innovations?

So, here we go – in search of innovations at SAPPHIRE NOW 2015.

Choices and options: Winnowing down the search

As we all know, the ability to sift through a plethora of options is part of a successful search. And for SAPPHIRE NOW attendees, this means a quick search in the SAPPHIRE NOW Agenda Builder – yielding 153 results for "Services & Support".

Like my own kids, I love them all equally. But, like my kids, some are – well – "different" than others! Here are my own choices and a handful of sessions, demos, and microforums that can help with your search for innovation at SAPPHIRE NOW:

Extract Real Business Value from Big Data
Although Big Data is a candidate for 2015's buzzword of the year, it is a major component of the 3rd Platform and our ability to provide business insights and tangible business value.

Innovate and Simplify IT with SAP One Support
It's clear that innovation brings with an amazing growth in data, users, and applications – all of which accelerates the Internet of Things. However, every innovation needs support and fundamentally simplified solutions for an optimal user experience.

Demystify the Internet of Things and Make It Real for You
The IoT is all about combining machine and business data for a "new normal" that will accelerate data growth. This is a great overview of the journey to IoT as well as how services can help companies get there.

Accelerate Your Path to Innovation and Simplicity by Moving to the Cloud
Organizations can achieve tangible benefits by moving their business applications to the cloud, and cloud adoption offers new options for both flexibility and faster value realization.

Simplify Knowledge Transformation Through Learning Innovation

Although the 3rd Platform is disruptive, you can still prepare for it. In this case, success requires innovating how we handle learning, training, and education. Plus, the cloud offers an amazing opportunity to move to an on-demand, virtual, and always-on learning model for adopting innovation.

Conquer Complexity Through Innovative and Agile Transformation
The faster we can deploy innovations, the sooner you can achieve tangible ROI and business value. Find out how we can leverage innovative support capabilities to accelerate the shift to an innovation platform.

Innovation Management Made Simple
How do we master the challenge to always stay ahead of the curve? The trick is to build an organizational culture that helps sustain innovation from top to bottom.  Learn how the Innovation Management Framework from SAP Services provides and the SAP Innovation Management application we can help foster ideas and develop innovations with unprecedented efficiency.

What’s in your agenda? My team shares their picks.

While writing this blog, I asked my SAP Services & Support colleagues to hear their picks for a sample agenda. And it turns out that my choices prominently played in their selected mix as well!

Well, that's a handful of options available in our search for innovations at SAPPHIRE NOW and how services and support provide the tools for the journey to an innovative future. Stop by the SAP Services & Support Center at SAPPHIRE NOW 2015 and check in with the experts for even more great options.  And in my homage to Spock, live long and prosper in this age of innovation!

About Fred Isbell

Fred Isbell is Senior Marketing Director for SAP Services & Support Marketing for Thought Leadership, Demand Management and Planning for the worldwide Services & Support Marketing team. A 15-year veteran of SAP, he formerly led SAP Global Services Marketing Field Engagement, the North American SAP Services regional marketing team and SMB Channels Marketing for the SAP Small and Midsize Business team. Prior to SAP, he held a variety of senior solutions, services, and partner marketing roles with Compaq and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Fred is an honors graduate of Yale University with a BA in Economics and Political Science, and has an MBA from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business where he was a Fuqua Scholar.

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