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What a whirlwind!

Picture this cast of characters:

  • SAP's Malcolm Kimberlin aka "Agent 99" [real life Influencer Relations guru at SAP] at the SAP Game-Changers Radio "Cone of Silence Sound Booth" [shades of "Get Smart" TV show 1965-69 where Agent 86 Maxwell Smart's telephones were concealed in 50 objects] at SapphireNOW 2013 in Orlando, connected to SAP Radio via telephone.

  • SAP Game-Changers Radio producer / host Bonnie D. Graham at the SAP Radio Studio in New York, connected to Malcolm in Orlando via Lync visual chat window and to the VoiceAmerica / Business Channel via the magic of Tieline and headset.

  • Valued influencers and thought leaders - more than two dozen - entered the hallowed Cone of Silence to share with Bonnie their thoughts on the most compelling game-changer announcements, tools, strategies, innovations, people, trends and more at this year's SapphireNOW. And they posed with the official SAP Game-Changers coffee cup for a "mug shot" by Malcolm. Maribel Lopez / Lopez Research photo featured here.

The results?

Hear for yourself what Ray Wang, Brian S. Sommer, Michael Krigsman, Maribel Lopez, Sheryl Kingstone, Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, Allen Bonde, William Newman, Cindi Howson, Dr .Peter Graf, Jamie Anderson, Evan Quinn, Volker Hildebrand, plus analysts at Ovum, IDC and TEC, several SAP partners and customers had to say. And see Maribel Lopez / Lopex Research holding the official SAP Game-Changers mug.

Interview series 1:

Interview series 2:

See you on the radio.../bonnie