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Update: The event is over! Get all the information on our event WIKI.

It's that time of year again... Europe workforce returns from vacation, kids are back in school and summer is slowly, but surely, starting to make way for the colors of autumn. We are preparing ourselves for the winter months, some of us with anticipation, some with - let's say - mixed feelings.

What do enterprise techies do at this time of year? ... They get all excited, because SAP TechEd season is just around the corner. And 2013 comes with a true gem: Amsterdam, the location of SAP TechEd EMEA. For me it will be a personal first visit to this European metropolis with its rich, more than 700-year long history, unique architecture and people, and not to forget a nightlife that you hardly find anywhere else. :grin: ...

Derivative work of "Amsterdam CityScape", by Swimmerguy269, used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license

But let's get back to the primary reason for this trip, SAP TechEd. New venue, packed agenda, an excited crowd, it's gearing up to be an exceptional experience. And we shouldn't forget about all the innovation and technology that was introduced over the past 12 months: Suite/ABAP on HANA, HANA SPS06, NW ABAP 7.40, HANA Cloud Platform (Neo), to name just a few. Now, think for a second and then tell yourself "what is the most fun-filled and rewarding way to get my hands on some of the latest SAP technology, including first-hand support from a bunch of SAP experts". If your answer is SAP InnoJam, then you are one of the enlightened souls among us. If it is NOT, let me try to convince you by showing you first hand. Seeing is believing, or so they say.

So come join me and all the other cool, geeky, crazy, awesome, ... people that you only meet at an SAP InnoJam. BTW: If you think InnoJam is just for geeky developers, think again. We are not just for techies.

SAP TechEd InnoJam 2013 Amsterdam

November 03 - 04, RAI Convention Center

REGISTER HERE! <= 100 tickets max!

All the latest info on our WIKI page

As usual you get 30 hours to go from zero to app, competing in teams for the coveted "SAP InnoJam Winner" shirt and a spot at SAP TechEd DemoJam. We kept the very successful format from last year and start off with a Design Thinking part (each team is supported by a coach). You pick one of our specially selected challenges, take it apart, wrap your head around it, punch holes into our well-prepared domain experts, toss all of that up in the air, shot down the irrelevant pieces and finally put together an innovative solution in the form of a low-fidelity prototype. Sounds fun? It is, trust me.

In case you want to know what challenges we have in store, I have to tell you SORRY, but that information is top secret. And don't even think about asking a friend you might have in the intelligence community. We are using carrier pigeons and sign language to communicate.  All I can tell you is that all challenges fit a common theme:

Me, My Health, and The Medicine – Empowering You and Your Doctor to Make Better Decisions About Your Health.

Don't worry. We are not asking you to cure cancer (someone else is already trying), but there are many other things, big and small, that can be improved. In particular, we would like you to use this event to come up with ideas that allow us and our physicians to benefit from the wonders of information age - in the right way. Show us and the world how we can be more conscious about our own physical state. Help SAP make the world run better and improve people's lives.

Using your low-fidelity prototype you will set out on the second part of the journey: to develop running code in less than 24 hours. Under the guidance of our ever helpful technology experts, you will be able choose from a selection of SAP technology products, like SAP HANA, SAP Lumira, SAP NetWeaver ABAP + Gateway, or SAPUI5, and build a prototype that demonstrates your solution idea (less than a day of coding! => concentrate on the core pieces). Put all your experience and ingenuity into that piece of wonder and show us that your idea is creative, desirable, viable, and feasible. Well, in the end you actually have to convince a jury, which we hand-picked to decide if you have what it takes to compete in the DemoJam.

Are you ready to sign up for your SAP InnoJam journey? Go and register now to secure your spot. You can either get a stand-alone ticket or select it as an add-on to your TechEd registration. We are fully catered and equipped, so all you need to bring is your imagination, oh ... and your laptop.

Again, SAP InnoJam is a unique opportunity to do everything you come to TechEd for, but do it in a stress-free, engaging and memorable atmosphere. True friendships have been forged at previous events. And for those of you who are not really into the whole TechEd buzz, this is your chance to take a glimpse into the totally-not-boring-but-super-exciting world of enterprise software.

Stay tuned by checking our WIKI page, and watch #innojam on Twitter or our Facebook page.

Hope to catch you in Amsterdam!