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SAP TechEd 2012 is finally complete, and it was an amazing first conference for me. I met a lot of great individuals both within and outside of SAP, who were all-eager to share their insights and thoughts on the future of SAP HANA, the cloud, and/or BI. I'm already looking forward to next year's conference and I have some potential ideas on abstracts already.

My main lecture this time around was AP106 - Strategies and Best Practices for Migrating to SAP Crystal Reports 4.0. In this lecture, I provided some recorded demos of the report migration process from CR 2008/2011 to CR for Enterprise, and distinguishing the differences between saving the report locally, or on the BusinessObjects platform. I also did a demo of the Translation Manager workflow, which I believe will be a great tool for report designers who have to currently maintain multiple copies of the same report for localized regions of the world.

As promised, here are the links to the videos for future reference. I realized tonight while uploading the files that the link to my blog was incorrect. I'm hoping those looking for the materials are otherwise able to reach my page by searching for my name. Apologies for the oversight, as 'k' is my middle initial, and it's often easy to type 'kennethkli' instead of 'kennethli' in this case.

Link to CR 2008/2011 Migration to CREnt D2D

Link to CR Ent using Translation Manager

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