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The 3rd day of my 1st SAP TechEd experience. My impression? HUGE! a lootttt of people, and it's cold in here. "Maybe I just ate too much ice" I said to my booth-mate inga.bereza.

So, this is the next episode of the series that has been published by my team mates. If you have not read that piece, you can go visit: Welcome to Las Vegas! 1st Day at SAP InnoJam 2012 is over, oh, not just yet..., and [35 hours later… ] SAP InnoJam Las Vegas – Day 2. The end?.

Long story short, we are manning the SAP Developer Center booth on SAP TechEd show floor today. Here is a panoramic shot of the booth.

There were roughly 120 people who stopped by the booth, not too bad. People are ranging from developers, admins, retired developers, non developers, all kind of people. People were packed with all kind of curiosity as well since this is the first time SAP offers "FREE" license for developers, and believe me, people are excited!!

DemoJam is next. Full coverage is available via SAPTechEd official website. All I can say is, that was the first time too I sat on the front row before the stage, and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I also had my favorite quote of the day from my friend @IJKMan "People at back, if you're not interested in seeing any demo of SAP technologies, please go outside" :grin: That was fantastic!!

Ummm...I think I need to go back to man up the booth now… Ciao!!

( …… be continued )