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SAP Support drives the Experience Economy

How is support essential to customer success as we enter the experience economy? In today’s age where new businesses are emerging daily, support is in the driving seat when it comes to delivering a great customer experience. If the support experience isn’t right, it is  a make-or-break factor in business. Take it from me— I lead product support for the Intelligent Technologies portfolio at SAP.

Driving the experience economy is now our top focus. Many of you in the SAP Community know, focusing on the product or technology without considering the customer experience does not deliver much value in the long run. It is more important than ever before to provide immersive and personal connections with our customers to become the trusted advisors that we to be and become. It requires a focus on both organisational culture and delivery tools and processes

Live support runs successful experiences

As the diversity of the groups interacting with technology becomes more diverse and sophisticated, so must the ways in which we provide support.  Through a plethora of options including Expert Chat, Schedule an Expert, Ask an Expert Peer and our newest offering this year, Schedule a Manager, we have created a marketplace where customers are easily connected with the knowledge and answers they need.

How do they work?

Expert Chat connects you to live messaging chat with SAP technical support experts, instantly. This channel requires no booking, reduces waiting time, and is best for those looking for immediate support.

If you prefer explaining your incident over the phone, Schedule an Expert allows you to book a 30-minute call so you can talk directly to an SAP support expert who will work to solve your issue.

These two offerings have been around for several years, so I want to know from the SAP community, have you used Expert Chat or Schedule an Expert before? How was the experience? Comment below and let me know as I’d love to hear from you!

Connecting you to managers and peers for faster solutions

Our 2 latest and newest real time support options, Schedule a Manager and Ask an Expert Peer also combines technical and personal connection.

Sometimes, in customer support, you may just want to ‘speak to a manager’. Schedule a Manager gives you the opportunity to do just that. You can now schedule a 15-minute call with a product support manager from SAP in the related product area for high-priority incidents. This channel helps manage potential service exceptions and ensures the issue at hand is addressed correctly.

To expand the expert pool and provide faster, easier access for real-time results, Ask an Expert Peer pairs you up with a qualified industry expert outside of SAP for one-on-one interactions. This channel is best for low-to medium-priority incidents and is available for all SAP SuccessFactors solutions.


Whether you prefer a longer, in-depth conversation or a quick and simple chat, there is a live support channel ready for any situation . These personalized support experiences will give you more time to get back to your day so you can spend less time looking for answers.

All of SAP’s real time support channels are offered to those with a valid maintenance contract at no additional cost, with seamless file and screen sharing and careful documentation for all incidents

You can also learn more about the rest of our live support options and get certified on all our latest support tools through Product Support Accreditation.

Many of you in the SAP Community have either used these options or are hearing about them for the first time. I am interested in hearing more from you—comment below OR join me in my SAP Community call on September 23 for a discussion and demo of our latest channels including Schedule a Manager.

Interested in learning more?

  • Attend my SAP Community Call on September 23 for a demo of Schedule a Manager and find out more about the importance of support in customer success

  • Are you learning about our live-support channels for the first time? If so, find out how to use Expert Chat or Schedule an Expert in the Product Support Accreditation

  • Find out how you can speak to a manager in Product Support today by using Schedule a Manager

  • Learn how to use Ask an Expert Peer by checking out Tod Keiffer’s blog

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