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What is SAP Simple Finance?

SAP Simple Finance is a comprehensive finance solution based on SAP HANA, which can be deployed in the cloud or on premise. Designed to be easy to use, it  can deliver instant insight for finance professionals. It enhances the current finance  solution portfolio from SAP, preserving its functional strength while enabling non-disruptive  igration.

SAP S/4HANA is a business platform and in-memory computing where the transactional system and the analytical system are setting in memory, one single version of the data is stored only once, and thus it provides real-time information, at the speed of the keyboard stroke.  Simple Finance, leverages this technical innovation which delivers a distinctive business and technical advantages, combined with simple interface and user experience; it helps our  customers run at their best.

In today’s world, every industry is an information industry. Financial organizations and telecom companies provide data related services. Physical products such cars, oil rigs, and buildings generate data that can be tracked, measured and leveraged to drive revenue generation, cost savings, or customer satisfaction. If a car has sensors that send signals to inform you that it is time to change the breaks, you would be far more loyal to this car manufacturer vs. others who may not provide such service and data.

Every role is an information role; finance, marketing, sales, operation..etc., they are all driven by data and information in terms of making decisions, and driving priorities. Information workers need to have the most up-to-date information at the minute the decision is made, in order to maintain sustainable growth and competitive advantage.  Access to real-time information is the corner stone for having insight and making the right decisions. Enterprise applications have to enable key stake holders and decision makers to have access to the required and relevant data, in order to make the right decisions on timely manner.  SAP S/4HANA has been designed  specifically to enable Real-Time data access, and to simplify business solutions at technical level  and business level; simplicity in an integral element in SAP S/4HANA.

Most information systems are either transactional (capturing information such as cash register at the supermarket) or analytical (analyzing information to generate reports that provide insight into the business). In the traditional data bases, most common in the world, data is transferred from the transactional data bases into another data base, the analytical one, (data warehouse and data marts) in which reports are generated. This means the data in the analytical
system is not real-time; it depends on when it was transferred. This could be a limitation on the decision maker part to take the right decision, and stay
ahead of game in a volatile business environment.

Simple Finance, leveraging  SAP S/4HANA,  provides real-time information, and  "helps our customers run at their best".