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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

This is part of a multi-part series addressing myths about SAP Screen Personas.

As with some of the previous myths, this started with a grain of truth that somehow got stretched beyond reality. SAP Screen Personas helps people make SAP easier to use. The entire Personas story is about ease-of-use. So, it is certainly a logical extension that even the installation is very simple; this part is true.

Installing Personas

SAP Screen Personas is so easy to use that people think they do not even need to read the documentation. For building screens, this might be true. For installing Personas, it is an entirely different matter.

Every SAP environment is unique. Since Personas installs into your SAP NetWeaver ABAP stack, you should have a qualified basis person doing this work. For a highly skilled SAP expert, the installation and configuration process is very straightforward, once you read the documentation. The manual explains what to do and why each step is important.

One customer said at TechEd Amsterdam that it took him about 15 minutes to install the Personas add-... and maybe another 45 minutes to complete all the configuration steps. This was, of course, after he spent the time reading the installation documentation.

Use the Latest Versions and Notes

If you want Personas to run best, it is very important that you have the correct version of all the components:




  1. 6.0

SAP NetWeaver Basis

Basis 700 - SP24

-or- Basis 701 - SP09

-or- Basis 702 - SP07

Plus several Personas-relevant notes

SAP kernel (Internet Transaction Server (ITS))

Kernel 7.21, Patch Level 201

SAP Screen Personas add-on

Personas 1.0 Service Pack 3

Plus several notes

SAP Screen Personas client

Automatically updated from Personas add-on when user connects to Personas. Requires Silverlight 5 plug-in for browser

It is also advisable to check relevant notes to ensure there are no known issues. We maintain a current list of all recommended notes for Personas on SCN.

So, if you know what you are doing, or read the manual and follow the steps, installing and configuring SAP Screen Personas is fast and easy. But, it’s not a 1-click installation.

In the next post, we will explore myth 11, about who can change screens using Personas.

For SAP Imagineering, peter.spielvogel.

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