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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

This checklist is meant to help you validate that you have installed SAP Screen Personas correctly at the start of your implementation. It can be either in the case that you have already installed Personas and something is not working as you expect or you just what to ensure that the technical part is configured correctly before moving forward.

  1. Check that you have Kernel 7.21 or later and ideally the latest patch version. Personas with not work if you have a Kernel version lower than 7.21.
  2. Ensure that all relevant Notes are applied especially the ones which have manual work included and pay attention to upper case and lower case.
    1. Note 1776739 contains information on release strategy and  installation information.
    2. Note 1885312 list all the recommend notes and is valid for both Personas 1.0 and Personas 2.0. However some of the notes mentioned in note 1885312 are only relevant for a specific version.
  3. Next step is to double check all the steps in the installation guide have been completed e.g.
    1. Have all the services in SICF been activated?
    2. Is the Server.Url maintained correctly?
    3. Has the right authorization been assigned?
  4. Especially for QA and Production systems, it is highly recommend to verify and possible adjust ITS memory parameters as this can have major impact on the performance of the system and the end user experience. Memory sizing and adjustment for Personas are the same as for SAPGUI for HTTP and is controlled via RZ10 parameters.  Have a look at these notes for information on memory settings: 
    1. 892442 Integrated ITS configuration/performance
    2. 885580 Integrated ITS: Configuration Parameters
    3. 755726 Integrated ITS, CPU consumption in R/3 application
    4. 742048 Integrated ITS, memory requirement in application
    5. 1888428 Sizing for SAP GUI for HTML
  5. Just as important memory parameters are, timeout parameters also have a major impact on the end user experience – have a look at note 705013 for information how to adjust the timeout values.

I hope this will help in troubleshooting Personas from a technical point of view 🙂

Claus Burgaard