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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Before starting a screen simplification project, we recommend that you have the right people, process, and technology in place to support a SAP Screen Personas initiative.

Discuss the following issues with your team, ideally comprised of both business users and IT, before committing to starting an SAP usability project.


  • Have you identified the following roles, all of which are important for a successful SAP Screen Personas project?
    • Executive sponsor
    • Business process expert
    • People familiar with SAP transactions that will be modified
    • Person with design skills, preferably with software user experience skills
    • Person with skills in using SAP Screen Personas (training can be part of the project)
    • Basis person to install and configure Personas add-on, update kernel as needed, address security issues
  • Can you ensure that the personnel responsible for these areas will be readily available to assist during the project?


  • What metrics will you track before and after to measure the success of the project?
  • List the intended application areas and the potential use cases you would like to target during the Personas project.
  • Which SAP transaction codes are associated with these use cases?
  • Do you intend to execute a proof of concept effort before starting with an implementation project? If yes, which specific use cases (transactions) do you have in mind for it and what is the planned time frame?
  • What is the approximate number of users targeted for your implementation?
  • Have you registered for the SAP Screen Personas Practitioner Forum to learn best practices from other customers and avoid common pitfalls?

Technology (IT Environment)

  • Do your SAP systems meet the minimum requirements for using SAP Screen Personas?
  • Do you have the necessary know-how in-house to properly install, configure and administer the SAP Screen Personas add-on?
  • Do you need help from SAP with SAP Screen Personas installation, configuration, or ITS sizing?
  • Can you provide remote connection to SAP if we need to verify backend prerequisites (via OSS)?
  • Do you have a well-defined security structure in your current environment, where existing SAP user roles correctly define the distinct user groups for which Personas customization will be used?
  • Are you currently using the WebGUI to access ECC transactions? If yes, are there any performance concerns?


  • Do you already have an established theme concept, available branding elements, colors and other resources available to be used in Personas custom views?
  • Have you already performed user experience research with your business users?

Time line

  • Will the software be installed so it is ready for the start of the development phase of the project?
  • Will you be able to make end users available for user research, design iterations, validation and testing?
  • If productive deployment is planned, what is the project start and go-live date?
  • Have you considered participating in the SAP Screen Personas 3.0 ramp-up program?