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In my previous article, you saw how to install Personas SP03 using SPAM.

In this blog, I will show the first execution of the Health Check feature after the new support package was installed.

Personas Administration

After executing /PERSONAS/ADMIN, it is possible to see a difference related to SP02.

In SP03:

In SP02:

Now a Template Maintenance section is available.

What about the Health Check feature? Is it like in SP02?

Clicking on the button shows the following screen:

Personas Notes Checker

The first impression when starting the Health Check for the first time is not so good. Why? Because with SP02, there were no red traffic lights! What is going on?

In order to be sure that the Personas installation is up-to-date, a new feature is available: Personas Notes Checker.

By clicking on the button, a popup appear:

After the execution, more red traffic lights appeared! There are SAP notes that might need implementation in the system.


My next blog will show the use of SNOTE after the Personas Notes Checker verified the Personas installation.