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SAP for Me is a license-free customer portal which serves as your digital companion. This robust tool offers support to partners, personalized access, and a centralized overview of your product portfolio. With so many features, there may be a learning curve. As working students in the Customer Influence and Interaction Team (CI&I), led by Heike Ried, we faced the challenges of learning the tool quickly and exploring its benefits for customers.

SAP’s Working Students Perspective:

zohalnoory and katrinbamberger joined the CI&I team in May 2021 and are primarily responsible for supporting the Identity and User Management (IUM) team. Since we were keen to dig deeper into other areas of CI&I, we explored SAP for Me and were impressed by the tool.

Quote by Zohal Noory, Working student at Identity and User Management

To familiarize ourselves with SAP for Me, we were introduced to a wide range of material which helped us better navigate SAP. First, we were surprised that this powerful tool is free and easily accessible through, requiring no downloads. We also appreciated that SAP for Me is available 24/7 given more people are working remotely, on different time zones, than ever.

Quote by Katrin Bamberger, Working student at Identity and User Management

During our onboarding the question came up whether the benefits of SAP for Me – from which we are internally convinced – are also appreciated by our customers. Or in other words – do the customers recognize the benefits of SAP for Me? For us, the answer was a clear yes, mainly because the tool provides personalized access and a transparent view of the entire product portfolio.

To further explore this question, we turned to a blog post, by our colleague eileenrako, which focuses on the question “What do our customers think about SAP for Me?”.

One valued customer describes SAP for Me as “a great and easy tool to manage all SAP products…it provides a simplified view of licensed materials with potential over usage warnings, if applicable”. Another customer states that “SAP for Me will enable the IT department to effectively oversee its expanding SAP landscape and centrally manage critical metrics and alerts”.

I, okank, joined the CI&I team in November 2020 and I am a part of the SAP for Me Business team as Strategic Program Support. My main tasks include the orchestration of business requests and request management for the customer portal.

SAP for Me allowed me, as a working student and SAP beginner, to better understand how the respective product topics are linked with each other. Through SAP for Me I was able to comprehend interrelationships better, identify tasks, and suggest better solutions to customers using SAP for Me as a centralized access point.

Quote by Okan Karahan, Working student at SAP for Me

Seeing that the tool I support has a positive impact on our customers motivates and encourages me to promote SAP for Me so that I can help others. Currently, I am focused on creating awareness on SAP for Me’s newest features so that YOU can benefit from SAP for Me. Some of these new features include:

  • SAP for Me Mobile Application: Now available for download through the App store for all Apple mobile devices.

  • Finance & Legal Dashboard: It is now easier to upgrade your cloud subscriptions through the Finance and Legal Dashboard and save yourself valuable time. With just a few clicks you will have the opportunity to purchase more than 1,400+ SAP cloud solutions with the same pre-negotiated terms. Additionally, the Finance and Legal Dashboard provides an overview of all your cloud and on-premise renewals on SAP for Me. You can view the details of each of your contracts including renewal periods and fees, license materials by order and contract, and payment details and addresses in one place.

These are just two of the many new features being added to SAP for Me and there’s no stopping the growth. SAP for Me is continuously growing and evolving, with new features and enhancements being released every quarter, continuing SAP’s efforts to improve our customer experience.

To learn more about SAP for Me, check out “SAP for Me – More for You!” by thorsten.thee and learn how SAP for Me can maximize your business.


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