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SAP acknowledges that its deep commitment to diversity and inclusion has not only allowed it to cultivate a positive workplace culture but enabled its business to grow significantly and remain innovative.

Recently, my friend Matt Makaila, SAP’s Head of Merger Related Services, and I flew to Barcelona to join a group of business leaders to share our views on diversity and inclusion with the MBA classes of 2020 and 2021 at #ESADE.

Matt has been one of the key driving forces in the company’s push to make its workplace diverse and inclusive, nurturing young talents from different walks of life and helping them make their mark in the organization. At our keynote, he underscored SAP’s dedication to ensuring that people from diverse backgrounds are given equal opportunities.

Speaking of talent on the spectrum, he said “It’s fantastic that we were able to absorb people who were applying everywhere, who are highly educated but really didn’t have a chance to have their careers thrive." And: “We are getting a lot of awards [because of that] and we are proud of that now.”

As a proud ally of the LGBTQ community, I shared that SAP employs a three-pronged approach in promoting diversity and inclusion: enforcing diversity and inclusion-friendly policies, creating employee network groups, and encouraging inclusive leadership.

“The point is to not exclude people who are ‘privileged,’ but instead convince them... It’s not ‘me or you,’ it’s making it better for all of us.”

Special thanks to the LGBTQ Business Club of ESADE for giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts.

Yours truly,

Heike Fiedler-Phelps

SAP’s Head of Cloud Transparency and Engagement