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During SAP SAPPHIRENOW’s day two keynote, featuring SAP Co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe, the packed theater of attendees took to Twitter to tell a very compelling story. In short, SAP’s triple-threat of mobile, cloud and in-memory offerings is making waves. Re-visit the keynote Twitter conversation below and be sure to chime in with your own thoughts.

Co-CEO of @SAP & Member of the #SAP Exec Board, Jim Hagemann Snabe takes the stage to deliver his keynote "As Boundaries Blur" #SAPPHIRENOW

- @Dell_Services

Jim H. Snabe coming out for his keynote. "Dear customers, dear partners, dear influencers...and for the 60K employees." - @pgreenbe

“$12 trillion of business runs on SAP...Co-CEO Jim Hagerman Snabe says 15 thousand attendees at Sapphire this year - @Katherine_Jones

Jim Snabe taking the #SAPPHIRENOW keynote stage. "Biggest most global Bday party ever." - @DaveatWisPubs

Nice image - Jim H. Snabe standing in front of a wall of treetops #sapphirenow << Jim H. Snabe for president!  - @rhirsch

"Some people buy a sports car or motorcycle at 40, we bought Successfactors",  by #SAP CEO - @rvonsosen

“Apollo system memory had only 32KB memory -- Snabe holds up "singing" birthday card to illustrate 32KB.” -  @jacquelynhoward

Humble, entertaining and very credible. Nice opening by Jim. #SAPPHIRENOW - @jamesatisher

Interesting #SAP fact - for first five years company didn't own a computer - they used their clients'! - @abonde

Snabe looking 40 years out: "“the oil era is expected to end” - yup and that will be one serious change - @jonerp

Snabe: We will continue to innovate & provide value to customers, as software solves many of tomorrow's problems - @CRMsvc

"I Predict that in less than five years, everything is mobile" - Jim Snabe at #SAPPHIRENOW - @socialkev

Today we talk about clouds, tomorrow we won't even talk about it. In less than 5 yrs everything will be Cloud. #Sapphirenow #SAPCloud - @ m_herman

Jim Snabe 'Predicting in less than 5 years, everything IS #mobile #cloud #inmemory ' #sapphirenow - @mgillet

MyPOV: traditional DB won't go away. They serve a diff use case vs in-memory db. How we access data and where will change - @rwang0

The stone age ended not because we ran out of stone - LOL #SAPPHIRENOW - GregChase

@Jim_Snabe predicts an "intelligent business web" for businesses, integrating processes & enabling real-time collaboration.  - @DNbus

#SAPPHIRENOW - So spot on re: need to migrate SAP onto Cloud (Pvt, Pblc, Hybrid). Reduce TCO & Achieve Faster ROI. #SAPCLOUD #ASUG2012  - @Beta66

Snabe: The ability for individuals to generate their own data means the supply chain gets turned upside down. #sapphirenow - @alexwilliams

I'm still enjoying the confident tone of the SAP executives. #SapphireNow more concerned about leading not following.  - @shawnrog

#sapphirenow SAP's evolution from dismissing #cloud only a few years back to "everything cloud" now is very telling #EnSW - @pjtec

"We took a platform you can start empowering your front-line workers." - Jim Snabe on #mobility at #SAPPHIRENOW - @SAPNorthAmerica

Snabe recommends: Add intelligence – help your company to predict the future and not just report the past #sapphirenow #HANA #BW - @ERP_CindyJutras

"Did you know #SAP #HANA can help with cancer treatment?" @Jim_Snabe - @SAPNorthAmerica

SAP's Snabe taking a shot at IBM Watson during keynote example using HANA to help cancer research. #sapphirenow  -@PaulSparta

Love that Jim Snabe is hitting it DEEP in the home. "Cancer Cure".  Whoever wrote this speech deserves an A++ #SAPPHIRENOW #ASUG2012 - @MicoYuk

Great job by Jim Snabe in #SAPPHIRENOW keynote > authentic, genuine, engaging - @ksheffler