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     A necessity in any workforce is an ongoing conversation between employees and managers on performance expectations and progress as it drives a shared understanding about career goals. 2013 offers a new opportunity to achieve professional success though ongoing conversation and leveraging Success Map, SAP‘s new cloud-based HR solution, business execution tools. Success Map contains systems, processes, and tools to ensure people are in the right jobs, have the right skills and do the right things to grow our business, and achieve our 2015 business strategy. 

More importantly, the focus is on you. The business execution tools include the Status Report, the Execution Map, and the Meeting Agenda. These tools can help support you in having more meaningful and regular conversation about performance with your manager. Your professional success starts with a goal setting conversation with your manager and completing a Goal Approval Form in Success Map. Don’t forget that you and your manager must both sign the Goal Approval Form in order to complete the process—this ensures that the conversation about your career goals is clear on both sides.

Here is an introduction to the Success Map business execution tools:


  • Status Report – this tool helps you share key information about your progress throughout the year with your manager. You can provide a quick summary on each of your goals by updating your execution actual (if it applies), the effort you are spending, and by indicating what you think your current probability of success is. You can share specific comments on the progress you are making on each goal and even highlight special accomplishments. This keeps your manager up-to-date on how you are progressing and it helps to make sure you and your manager share the same perspective on your progress.
  • Execution Map – This gives you a visual picture of what you believe your probability of success is on each of your goals. Your manager will also see this color coding of your goals in his/her execution map too. You both have an immediate sense of how likely you think you are to succeed. The execution map will also let both of you know right away which goals require further discussion to make sure you are able to stay on track for success. You also have the option to add any of your goals to your Meeting Agenda Watchlist.

  • Meeting Agenda – This offers you the ability to schedule a conversation with your manager at any time to discuss one or all of your goals. Selecting “Schedule a Meeting” not only allows you to schedule time on your manager’s calendar, but also attaches a .PDF file to the meeting request of the specific goals and key details you want to discuss. You may want to share accomplishments or you may need to highlight concerns about a particular goal that requires additional support or resources. The meeting agenda allows you the ability to quickly and easily schedule time with your manager to talk about your goals, progress, accomplishments, and concerns.

With Success Map, we have the opportunity to make a difference in terms of truly impacting performance in 2013 and the future. The power in the execution map and all of the business execution tools help employees to stay on track for success. Remember: the best way to increase your chances of professional success is to have regular conversation with your manager about your goals and progress. The Success Map business execution tools are a great way to help us have those meaningful conversations throughout the year to keep us all on track for success! Quick Link: /go/successmap

Special thanks to Stephanie Avants for her help in creating this blog.

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