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Sooner or later most companies will face the need to review their business application software needs. Your business application software provider may have merged or been acquired (halting the introduction of new functionality), leaving you looking for alternatives at the end of your software investment life-cycle. Whether you’re replacing a legacy system, merging or spinning off units, or merely optimizing your business processes with an established, proven software provider – you can benefit from SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions.

Before customers can capitalize on a software change, they must face data migration issues, which are often one of the main cost drivers. Data migration is not solely an IT effort anymore; but has to ensure a seamless transition without negative impact on business processes. A comprehensive data migration, including historical and transactional data, enables customers to immediately benefit from their new SAP ERP system and therefore helps you save time, reduce effort, eliminate risk, and cut costs. SAP Rapid Data Migration to SAP ERP enables you to migrate your data, ensuring your data can be trusted by the users and is ready for business process execution within SAP ERP.

Data migration projects are relevant for all companies that need to move data from one application to another but planning for a data migration project is a major task. Migration projects are risky. If not done correctly, they can cause a myriad of issues, including delayed production go-live, poor data quality that prevents core business processing, and poor user adoption of the new or upgraded SAP ERP system. Cleansing, transforming, and loading data into a new SAP application can seem like a daunting task.

The business challenges that you are facing during a typical data migration project would be the following:

  • Migration projects typically run over budget and over time
  • Unsuccessful migration results in failed implementation, where users cannot use the new application system
  • Migration must comply with regulatory requirements
  • Poor quality master data unable to support core business processes
  • Lack of quality data can make new system unusable and reduce user adoption

The SAP Rapid Data Migration to SAP ERP allows you to jump start a safe and efficient migration of fixed scope specific for ERP based on industry-leading software, and predefined services at a predictable price.

SAP Rapid data migration to SAP ERP has three major components:

  • Software driven by SAP Data Services (hereafter Data Services)
  • Migration content developed by SAP’s Rapid-deployment solution organization
  • Consulting services provided by SAP Services and partners

The combination of the software, migration content, and optional consulting services provides a complete solution for migration to SAP applications.

To address the before mentioned challenges the Rapid Data Migration to SAP ERP provides an end to end solution for migrating customer's legacy data to the SAP ERP application.

The scope of this solution covers the following:

  • Knowledge - Enables you to take your source data and equip you with the right knowledge to quickly and seamlessly migrate to your SAP ERP system.
  • Content - SAP exclusively provides data migration content, which ensures a best practices approach for your projects. The content provides information such as required fields, mapping of source data into those fields, and how the data is formatted.
  • Mapping - The migration content enables you to map your source data confidently, knowing that the data will be validated, transformed, and safely loaded into SAP ERP.
  • Reports - Additionally, reports are provided for you to monitor the migration project process, so you can easily keep your stakeholders involved in your migration activities.

This gets complemented with the rapid-deployment service offering to get up and running quickly – with a fixed-scope edition of Rapid Data Migration to SAP ERP. This rapid-deployment solution streamlines the implementation process, bringing together software, best practices, and services that can help you quickly, seamlessly, and affordably migrate your source data into SAP ERP.

Start small with what you need now, and expand your solution as your business grows and requirements change.

Using this out of the box solution you can achieve and secure the following business benefits:

  • Migration project delivered on time
  • Delivers trusted data for end users
  • Provides quality master data for your core business processes
  • Establishes extendable solid foundation for data management and data governance
  • Migration platform is reused for on-going integration with source systems
  • Take advantage of SAP best practices, templates, and tools to help ensure timeliness and outcomes.

For those of you interested in other data migration solutions that are fast and easy to deploy or want state-of-the-art data migration best practices so that you can be a data migration maestro, check out SAP’s Rapid-deployment solutions for Rapid Data Migration.

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