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SAP rapid-deployment solutions for Financial Planning and Analysis help executives adjust plans, control costs and allocate resources to accommodate rapid market change and align performance with strategy. The following packages are available:

SAP Value Realization Management rapid-deployment solution enables organizations to effectively analyze and improve performance. The package combines elements of the SAP Value Management program including the results of a benchmarking survey, if completed by your organizations and makes
this content available in the SAP Strategy Management application to help oversee and manage the implementation of these best practices.

The SAP Business Intelligence Adoption rapid-deployment solution provides analytic reports from the business area of sales, finance, manufacturing, purchasing, Human Capital Management, CRM Analytics and the CEO. It increases consumption of the SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) component and the SAP HANA (optional) platform content. It provides a complete offering for a successful BI adoption for SAP BW, SAP HANA (optional), and the SAP ERP application and helps customers make the right design choices on how to consume existing and new content.

SAP Predictive Analytics rapid-deployment solution supports simple customer scenarios and a variety of predictive algorithms, such as time series analyses, churn analysis, a priori association, k-means clustering, regression, and decision tree. Preconfigured content illustrates the use of predictive analysis in scenarios across a range of lines of business and industries. Content for both SAP (replicated in the SAP HANA platform) and data sources from non-SAP software is provided through flat files to SAP HANA.Use predefined business intelligence and SAP Lumira software content to guarantee a best-practice approach for predictive analysis and the SAP InfiniteInsight solution.

The SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution for accelerated finance and controlling with SAP HANA leverages the processing power of SAP HANA to enable real-time reporting and analysis right down to line item detail while empowering the business users with easy access to trusted data. The HANA accelerator empowers Asset Accounting, Profit Center Accounting, New General Ledger, Overhead Cost Accounting, Investment Management, Material Ledger, Product Cost Controlling and profitability analysis with no disruption, giving rapid time-to-value and making low cost of ownership a reality.

SAP HANA Net Margin Analysis rapid-deployment solution is an analytical application that provides preconfigured data modeling and over 100 predefined metrics in more than a dozen dashboards and reports. The solution, powered by SAP HANA, provides your organization with high-level visibility of net margin and costs across the entire customer, product, sales channel, and organizational landscape.

The SAP Extended Financial Planning rapid-deployment solution is a package including best practices for financial planning (based on a customer’s G/L structure), strategic financial planning (long-term planning), and capital expenditure planning that can be implemented in seven to 10 weeks.

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