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We have a number of packages available covering end-to-end scenarios in Collaborative Finance Operations. The packages help to achieve superior service with reduced costs. They aim to leverage automation and drive down the cost of finance processing, letting you focus on business value creation, exception management and analysis. SAP rapid deployment solutions are available for:

SAP Collections and Dispute Management rapid-deployment solution lets you implement and automate receivables management business processes quickly and affordably. You can efficiently manage customer invoice disputes and proactively manage and collect overdue receivables. These capabilities help you reduce your bad debt risk and exposure.

The SAP Financials Shared Service Framework rapid-deployment solution consists of a shared service center front end and delivered integration with the finance processes in the SAP ERP back-end application. The solution facilitates communication between service requester and service provider, and enables you to deliver services through tickets and service-level agreements by mapping skill sets to the subject matter expertise required. The solution orchestrates the end-to-end service delivery process by intelligent integration of the process’s front- and back-end elements.

SAP Invoice Management by OpenText rapid-deployment solution provides a scalable low-cost solution for your invoice-to-pay operations. As a comprehensive front-end invoice-to-pay solution, this solution provides key benefits for your accounts payable operations, such as improved invoice processing time, reduced cycle times, manual data keying, preconfigured exception handling, and approval work flow functionality.

Ariba Network Integration for SAP Business Suite rapid-deployment solution allows you to connect your on-premise SAP Business Suite and the Ariba Network securely and reliably. Go live with the first wave of suppliers with preconfigured integration for the procure-to-pay process.

SAP Best Practice for SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense offers end-to-end, real-time data and process integration between SAP ERP (HCM and FI) and SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense. This packaged solution covers the main processes around the integration of employee master data, financial master data, and expense business processes. The best practices handle the hybrid integration scenario through either the middleware PI (SAP NetWeaver Process Integration) or direct P2P (point to point) without middleware.

With the SAP Real Estate Management rapid-deployment solution, you can quickly and affordably implement and automate real estate-related business processes, allowing you to manage the entire real estate lifecycle in a strategic way that optimizes returns for your business. SAP Real Estate Management provides support for end-to-end construction and investment management, lease and space management, and maintenance and repair. It helps you develop, construct, operate, and deploy property and make costs more visible and controllable, supporting you to successfully face challenges from compliance, sustainability, and competitive pressure.

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