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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions were introduced in late 2017 to meet increased customer demand for predictable outcomes, shorter time to value, affordability and transparency in the buying process. And, the library of solutions has grown quickly! More than 390 partners now have qualified more than 1,000 solutions with SAP. All are available through the SAP-Qualified Partner-Package Finder.

But it’s not just customers creating the demand. Other SAP partners are also getting in on the action, collaborating with peers to fill gaps in their own coverage with packages that feature a standard cost, fixed scope, and quicker implementation than traditional custom-built projects.

Partnerships Create Opportunities, Growth

Among the reasons partners are investing in—and succeeding with—packaged solutions are: faster implementations, higher win rates, quicker sales cycles, increased profitability, and improved relationships with clients, according to partners.

Packaged solutions also allow partners to develop their own value and establish their own brand, while creating opportunities to land and expand with clients. Leveraging partner-to-partner collaboration allows partners to incorporate other partners’ IP into their solution.

The packaged solutions finder, SAP Partner Finder, and SAP App Center help partners open new doors and work more effectively together. Each initiative provides partners with the tools, processes and solutions necessarily to help customers transform into Intelligent Enterprises.

SAP is committed to enhancing the peer networking experience. You can help by completing this survey to provide your feedback and suggestions.