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You are kindly invited to join us at the Public Services & Healthcare Enabling Forum, at The SAP Audiomax Theatre, St Leon-Rot, Germany, between 10-11th April 2017, where you will hear from SAP customers, gain valuable insights into SAP’s strategy and hear about our applications, platform and analytics portfolio. Please act quickly as places are limited.



Dear Partner,

On January 24th 2017, SAP announced strong 2016 resultsto the market, highlighting success in Software Revenue’s, Cloud Subscriptions, Profitability, and Innovation.

Our Digital Business Framework’and intense focus upon ‘Accelerating Innovation’ are key pillars of our strategy going forward. However, bringing this strategy to life within an industry context has always, and continues to be, the fulcrum upon which we lever growth and success.

Public Service & Healthcare organizations’ across Europe, Middle East, Central Europe and Africa are presented with a huge set of diverse challenges, which cannot be addressed by traditional analogue ‘old world thinking

Navigating the complexity, delivering incremental value, building the right skills base and staying technologically relevant all are imperatives for digital government. Essentially, however, they must frame digital in the context of outcomes for citizens, businesses and officials.

In the face of massive digital disruption, public service and healthcare organizations cannot isolate nor immunize themselves from the digital reality their employees, businesses and citizen’s increasingly face. We are at the digital tipping point for all of these agencies, where embracing and effecting change through digitization are no longer options, but necessities.

We see the opportunity to accelerate innovation and growth in our Public Services & Healthcare business. In moving beyond the digital tipping point, We see enormous potential for growth and expanding our addressable market.

We cannot do this alone. We need you to join us on this exciting digital journey, maybe you are an existing partner who needs to better understand where to collaborate with SAP, perhaps you work in another SAP industry and would like to enter our industry or perhaps you are new to SAP and would like to explore new ideas on how to succeed together. We welcome you all to this event:  Please register today.There are limited seats but attendance is free of charge, please register asap.  The event is for partners who cover Europe, including Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The SAP Public Services & Healthcare Enabling Forum will be held between, 1400hrs Monday 10th April, until 1730hrs on Tuesday 11th April 2017. Evening events are planned on both Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th, which you are invited to. So you will have the choice to depart either on Tuesday evening or Wednesday am. The event will be held at the SAP Audiomax, located at Building 3 (ROT03), St Leon-Rot (Not SAP offices in Walldorf) Germany. 

The forum will be attended by SAP leadership, sales and value engineering teams from across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Providing you with a great opportunity to meet, network, socialize and build relationships with your SAP counterparts in the region. We will also have guest customer and external speakers from various countries and tiers of government, talking about the most recent projects with SAP.

A detailed agenda will be provided post registration, however an outline agenda can be found at the event registration website. Please follow this link to register, where there is also a contact facility.


We have limited availability at the venue, so please register early. First allocation of seats per partner are free, so no registration fee.

Thank you for your interest and please join us at the event.

Danny Van Heck – General Manager For Public Services & Healthcare (EMEA)

Sean Patrick O’Brien – Deputy General Manager For Public Services & Healthcare (EMEA)